How do you prep your mouse for new padsurfers?

Do you clean it with rubbing alcohol or something?

A) padsurfer?

B) …what?

The little teflon feet on the bottom of yoru mouse. They coem off after a while. I got new ones to “stick” on there, but have to remove the current ones and clean the stickiness off somehow.


Thanks for clearing that up, but I’ve never changed them, so I don’t know. Offhand, sounds like a job for rubbing alcohol.

If that doesn’t work, maybe try a splash of “Goo Gone.” (That may sound like a joke, but it’s a real product.) Handy stuff to have around.

Thanks. I often forget about goo gone.

You can also try acetone, which is the main component of nail polish remover, but that can damage some plastic.

Is this some kind of super duper mouse or something? My logitech optical mouse doesn’t have pad surfers and I’d have to imagine it’s a pretty nice mouse to track down padsurfers and install them.

It’s the Logitech MX550 Gaming mouse, and yes it is super duper nice. I have the new Steelpad S mousepad, and when the padsurfers get worn or start coming off (like they do on my mouse), it starts scccccrrratching across the mousepad surface. It’s awful. You have to have really good teflon feet.

What’s an MX550? The only Logitech gaming mouse I’m aware of is the MX510…

Hehe, typo. MX 510

I use an optical mouse on a piece of wood. Am I going to die?

We all are, Joel - make your time.

I like the super slick surfaces. It lesson s the problems I have with my carpel tunnel.

Aftershave works well. It’s near xmas now, so I’m sure I’ll get tons of
mousecleaner again :=)

Hehehe. :D