How do you say..?

I personally say “I.D” even though I think it is suppose to be the other one.

(Just like I say Doos Ecks and not Day-yous Ecks - for Deus Ex)

{I know, I know, pointless stupid thread, but GAWD… I’m bored already, waiting for the CoD demo to DL)

It’s gotta be id, like the crackpot Freud theory.

According to carmack it’s pronounced “id” not I.D. btw.

It is “id,” not “eye-dee.”

Do you also pronounce Blizzard bee-ell-eye-zee-zee-ay-arr-dee?

i was playing wolf3d long before i studied freudian psychology. I’m 22 now.

No, as a Canadian I pronounce it bee-ell-eye-zed-zed-ay-arr-dee.

You know what’s funny about this? This orginally got posted in another thread by mistake, and everyone was like, “WTF?” and you had it re-posted here where it belongs, and I still don’t understand what point you’re making. I mean, I understand the factual assertions, but, you know, huh?

i dunno if i ever did make a point with that, Rywill.

as a kid, i always assumed that the “id” logo on wolf3d/DOOM was for a company named EYE DEE. I read the Wizard of Id strips in the paper, but I never made the connection. It wasn’t until high school when I took an intro to psych course that I learned about Freud’s id/ego/superego construct. A few months after THAT, I saw an old id game again (never was into the quake series much, and didn’t really become a gaming fanboy until 2-3 of years ago) and made the connection between the lowercase company name “id” and the psych trip.

I guess what meant to say earlier is that there may well be more people who play EYE DEE games than there are people who get around to taking some psych classes or reading some Freud.

Ditto that. I know how they’re supposed to be pronounced, but I’ve just been calling them “I.D.” for so long…