How do you see the original tweet?

On twitter I often see posts that have responded to another tweet, but I can’t figure out how to see the original tweet their responding to. How do you do that?

Click on the tweet, and the post it’s replying to should be directly above it (you may need to scroll up if you’re on mobile).

So like this weirdo’s response is in my twitter feed but I can’t figure out what the post is he wrote that to:

I can’t click anything more except his name, and that doesn’t take me to the post (this is on PC if that matters)

Can you scroll up?


What about if you go here

Cause if I do, I see the whole back and forth.

Anyway I got there by going to the profile, clicking on “Tweets & Replies” and it was luckily the first response.

If you are looking at it from your notifications, sometimes you gotta click on the tweet (if all else fail, clicking on the time stamp works).

Hope that helps.

Ohhh OK, I got half of that. I’d never clicked on the time stamps before. Still doesn’t look so nice and orderly on my PC, but on my iPhone it does look like that. Thanks, I was feeling like a total idiot not being able to figure out “twitter”. How embarassing!