How do you solve this coding problem?

My boss dropped a bomb on me today. I have to cure cancer by next Friday. In assembly language. On a 286.

I’m thinking I’ll ignore the entire medical literature on promising avenues of research - too much work! Does anyone know where I can get some tissue samples?

Also a mind/machine interface.

Thanks in advance.

Oh whew, I thought you were going to ask something hard, like how to simulate this situation where you see a boy in a window…

When next Friday comes, you can have a good laugh at the lot of them by pointing out that Visual Studio doesn’t compile inline assembler for the 286 LOL LOL LOL.


Try recompiling the kernel.

Try rebooting and running defrag.

Defrags using a third party must be done every two days to make any progress. Don’t forget to defrag the metadata, the mbr, the partition table, and the coinpurse.

You tell him you need 10 million dollars in lab equipment. You must have it before friday. You take the 10 million dollars, put it in a swiss bank account, and move to Mexico or some place that does not have an extradition treaty.

P.S., the answer is:

   cured         db 1
   notcured      db 2
   cancer_status db 2

   cmp cancer_status,notcured
   jnz already_cured
   mov cancer_status,cured

Take off and nuke the site from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure.

Also, don’t bother with the Mind/Machine Interface until you have Doctrine: Air Power and Neural Grafting.

  • Alan

As a thread derail, I swear I see this phrase being used in QT3 almost every day. We should give the script writer in Aliens some form of royalty fee.

You can run Open BSD on a 286, as long as it’s 19 Mhz, I believe. Then you can lie about being secure and slower than Ashley Simpson after a good solid haymaker.

Tell Mike that he’s drunk and that he should fuck off. Works for me.

Priceless… Made my day…
Been there, done that, wearing the T-shirt.

Thanks, I needed that laugh.

Don’t you know who your boss IS, McCollough?!?!? Haven’t you read his book?