How do you WASD?


Damn right. 40 WPM.
And acccurate as hell.


Old joke.

A lady arrives at a job interview. She is of course a very lovely individual.

The manager asks her if she’s a touch typist.

She replies, “No I just look for the letters and type them.”

Managers says, “So you’re a hunt and pecker?”

She slaps him and says, “I’m a happily married woman you pervert!”


Mavis Beacon taught me how to type properly. :)


My little finger is on shift and my head hurts trying to use my forefinger to run/crouch/zoom.

For years I used numpad 7895 and little finger on the Ins/End/Del keys or arrow keys with my thumb having access to the numpad for lots of binds and it worked great for FPS.

but it then took years to realise spending hours a day with my left arm slightly crossed in front of me using the right side of the keyboard had screwed my back, shoulder and chest posture and muscles and im still suffering from that these days.


If only someone made a device that you could hold in both hands, that eliminated the need to search for multiple keys on the keyboard.



I’m a lefty, but I’ve been doing wasd with my left hand for ages, and mousing with the right.


Bah, came to post that and was too late.

Standard WASD for…ever. At least as far back as Doom, I would think. While I see why ESDF would seem to make more sense for a touch typist, gaming isn’t touch typing. Unless playing Typing of the Dead. The CTRL key is not within friendly reach when doing ESDF.


This was the default in Bethesda’s 3D FPS SkyNET which taught me mouselook in the first place so I used that for a while before transitioning to WASD when it became the standard.


I use my middle three - I really can’t understand how people using their pinky for the A key aren’t ending up with horrible RSI from it. I’d think that’d absolutely murder the tendon there after awhile.


Huh. Using new-fangled letter keys to move rather than the number keys as the Good Lord intended.


Arrow keys 4 Eva!


Just seeing this makes me want to play Wizard’s Crown again.


Play the Atari ST version that uses the numeric keypad for movement. ;)


The correct control scheme for shooters is QWEASDZXC / IOPKL;,./



Numpad was great when I still moused lefty. Last time I remember doing it was probably for Starcon though.


I was quite stupid: I am a lefty, yet was using the right hand on the mouse and the left hand on the keypad! No logic!


I still do that, switching it around just feels weird after all these years, so I’m sticking with it.


I switched to mousing righty when I started doing my homework on the school labs. I think switching was a problem in the ancient apple lab, whether it was settings or physical space available. Still, it was better going to the empty apple lab than having to deal with a queue at the fancy 486 lab.