How do you wash your dishes?

Sink with water running? Soak first? Dishwasher? Elucidate and elaborate.

Also, is it true that the English don’t rinse their dishes? And must have a washing up bowl in the sink?

By hand, in tub in left-hand sink. Soak, wash, rinse all together in right-hand sink, air dry in rack.

I wash pots and pans as I go, since they’re way easier to clean that way.

There’s a dishwasher around here somewhere, but, seeing as it hasn’t been used in over a decade, it’s headed for the scrapyard this summer.

Sink with running water and one of those scrubbers that dispenses soap, then to the drying rack.

Some things are handwashed in the sink with warm water, soap, and a sponge. Most items are lightly rinsed off and put in the dishwasher. Unless you are my wife, in which case she practically washes everything in the sink and then puts it into the dishwasher. At which point I argue that it is called a dishwasher for a reason and if you are going to basically wash everything clean in the sink then why put it in the washer.

Rinse and scrub if needed and then into the dishwasher.

Cold water, high pressure spray setting. I run water unless I have to scrub for a long time (pans). Sometimes I just wipe all the items with the soapy pad, then start spraying all the clean items on the sink.

I place them such that slightly soapy water is used to rinse the items below

If it’s very greasy dishes I dump in the dishwasher which I run every 3 days or so. If it’s a pan I need to wash immediately so I can use it later

Dishwasher for everything but nonstick / coated pots and pans (dutch oven, etc). And knives, knives get hand washed unless someone gets enough oil on the handle that I don’t feel comfortable handing the knife (which is rare.)

Dishwashers are supposedly more water efficient than hand washing, and the one we have does an excellent job of cleaning and is pretty quiet (low end Miele.)

No dishwasher available, so I go the lazy route: Fill sink with soapy water, chuck stuff in. Come back later (anything between 15min and a few hours), clean with sponge, empty sink, hold item under running tap and leave to drip dry on rack!

Generally crystal glasses, plastic containers, knives, pots and pans (in that order) get done by hand in a sink full of the hotest water hands can tolerate. I like Dawn dish soap best. I figure it is good enough for ducks, right!? The glasses also get a quick rinse after that. Everything else goes in the dishwasher - scraped but no rinsing (because why wash the dishes before washing them).

I’m not surprised they say that dishwashers waste less water, given that so many of you leave the water running. I guess none of you grew up with wells. My grandmother washed her dishes in a tiny basin in the sink so as to not waste water. She was British so maybe thats a thing. But she also had well water.

Pretty much anything that can go in the dishwasher, gets put in and washed in the dishwasher. The exception is the non-stick fry pan which is dishwasher safe but i had wash. For handwashing, we have a double sink. Wash in one, and rinse in the other and then on a rack to dry.


Apparently with newer dishwashers, it can fool the sensors into thinking your load is cleaner than it is and your dishes come out dirty. We got a new dishwasher about a year ago and it states right in the manual to not rinse the dishes.

Yup! And I’m OK with that. A good dishwasher will get all that crap off.

Tell me you don’t have kids without saying you don’t have kids ;)

Modern dishwashers are a definitely of a lot more efficient than they used to be. I’m pretty conscientious about how much water I’m pouring down the drain, and I figure I still use a gallon of water in the morning for the breakfast things, and 2+ gallons for the larger batch of dishes in the evening. A really high-efficiency dishwasher would likely beat that.

But I do like getting the dishes done and back in circulation, rather than stacked up in the dishwasher until optimal load size is reached, which is what would inevitably happen.

Depends on the dish. A lot of stuff can go in the dishwasher but a lot can’t. Those that can get rinsed off first. Those that can’t I hand wash.

I try not to leave the water running since we’re in a drought. I’m not from CA though so sometimes I forget. Back in PA I just left the water running all the time.

Rinse and then into the dishwasher. PA here so we abuse all the waters.

Oh, absolutely not. But is it a specific part of the process that’s the issue, or just generally washing by hand?

I assume the servants rinse them, if they’re to be re-used?

My dishwasher is as old as my house. About 14 years old, or so I believe. It makes sounds that remind me of Godzilla. But I can put a bowl that has dried food on it because I left it in the sink, dry for a day or two. (don’t judge me you animals) And it cleans them perfectly.