How does one find a CPA?

So my company was just bought. My stock options get transferred into some sort of earn out based on some sort of formula, and I get cash at some time, and I get taxed on this, or something.

So I need a CPA (and everyone was told to talk to their CPA), and I have no idea where one goes.

It’s not 1999 dot-com money anyway, from my calculations, like $10K once it’s all said and done, but you know, I don’t want to pay $90K of taxes on that by accident.

Any ideas? I’m in Santa Rosa, an hour north of San Francisco in case there happens to be anyone who know anyone.

Ask everyone else at work who they use. Then disregard anyone who has wild spending habits and is obviously in debt.

I have had a terrible accountant, a mediocre one and a great one. The only way you can tell the difference is by the results. When you have your own IRS agent assigned to you - you know you have a pretty bad one. When you have two seperate agents assigned? You have my first accountant.

The terrible one cost me thousands of dollars and I am still sorting through the mess. The mediocre one was next and I caught the problems before he became like the first. I would not trade my current accountant for anyone - and he is the cheapest of the bunch. Beware of the high priced fancy accountant, they will tend to not give smaller accounts enough attention. Find someone who deals mainly with people like you, take the time and inteview them. Once you have a good accountant, one that you can ask questions to without being billed for every second, it makes life much easier.

It is worth paying a little more every year to get your taxes done just to have that person help with the little questions like yours.


If you don’t know anyone with an accountant in your area, you could always try the yellow pages ;P

Or, just go to your state cpa website and you can look one up in your area.

California Society of CPAs