How does Plex work (for dummies)


Thanks, @Gendal. Sounds like it’s at least worth installing to check it out. No transcoding is a feature worth switching for!


Really? Woah. That changes things. That’s only through Kodi through? Not Plex alone with PlexPass?

I guess I could pay for a month of PlexPass and find out for myself. On their website they do say that it doesn’t work with the original HD HomeRun, so it must be only through Kodi.

Any idiot guide out there on how to get that working?


Really lol? Cause I have the original HD HomeRun and uh it worked out of the box. Nothing to do with Kodi. Though you can play the recorded files on Kodi no problem.

You do need a plex pass though, it is a paid feature. But the setup couldn’t be easier, at least for the network based HD HomeRun.

Looking at their site it is in fact not supported, but it did work for me so YMMV.

Just logged on to make sure I wasn’t crazy and the first thing it said was it had lost connection with the HD HomeRun (HDHDHR-US). So I updated the firmware for it and updated plex and it started working again, no other changes on my part. Watching live tv now, works well. The whole discovery/interface thing is shite, but workable.


Well, I’ve tried out the Plex DVR. It’s not great, I’m afraid. The “no transcoding” promise doesn’t hold up (at least on my Fire TV) and the functionality is extremely limited. You can’t even set a manual recording by time and channel.

Kodi and MythTV are a much better option for now. Maybe in another year or two, Plex will catch up.