How does purchasing something via the xbox marketplace website work?


I am interested in some DLC which does not show up in-game or via the marketplace. However I should be able to purchase it via the official website.

However how do I actually then get the content onto the console? Does it have to be turned at and connected to the internet at the time of purchase?


No, it’ll be queued up for download the next time you turn the console on. But if the DLC isn’t available on the market place on the console, why would it be available via the market place on

Summer of Arcade games say hi.

Thanks for the answer.

Others have reported that this works. It’s DLC for some obscure region unlocked japanese shooter.

You might have to use a japanese gamertag for this. Not every region has the same content, and MS will lock you out of it if your gamertag doesn’t fit that locale.