How Geeky are ya?

A little test to see how much geek are, asking things from science fiction, video games, to technical crap.

Last time I took the test, I was 7% and nothing but a poser :P

47.33728% - Super Geek

39.64479% - Major Geek.

21% - wasn’t geeky enough to notice a label description.

Gee, I only got 26.23274% - Total Geek.


That’s almost exactly what I got.

45.36489% - Super Geek

DaveC’s got me by a little bit.


10.65089% - Geekish Tendencies


It gets worse, some of the sections I only skimmed through since it was so long so it’s probably higher.

35.7002% - Major Geek

Wow. I’m geekier than Loyd Case. Cool. :-)

Okay I went back and finished it.

Ack! 57.59369% - Extreme Geek

Damn my misspent youth. I should have read more comics!


38.46154% - Major Geek

I don’t know how to do any math beyond basic addition/subtraction, and detest new Star Trek and its ilk, but nevertheless did pretty well. :)

My husband got 58.38264% – Extreme Geek. Heh.

29.4% - Total Geek

10.65089% - Geekish Tendencies

I’m not smart enough to be a real geek, heh. Ahh well.

(Edit). Wierd, Contrai and I got the exact same score? Whoah.

17.15976% - Geek

I thought the book section and language/history stuff would bury me. I guess that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

36.88363% - Major Geek

And I thought I was headed for a low score.

Doh. I actually skew a smidge higher, because I completely forgot:

  1. That I tried to learn how to speak Vulcan in junior high
  2. That I waited more than 2+ hours in line to see Harry Potter
  3. …while dressed as a witch


Heh, 24.85207% - Geek

The fact that I don’t watch television or pay much attention to popular culture seemed to help suppress my score. :?