How have we all not made fun of the Stadia launch trailer?

Title How have we all not made fun of the Stadia launch trailer?
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When November 19, 2019

Less than stellar launch reviews aside, Stadia, Google’s game-streaming boondoggle has at least brought us this amazing ad…

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Man, I love Reggie Watts. But… all by himself. You know, like a standup, like… he’s ONLY talking to you!

That. uh. Hmm. That’s a real advertisement, huh?

I don’t think that’s an effective ad, but it’s a very fun ad.

I liked the human canoe. Imagine what the Kids in the Hall could have done with that tech!

that was quite cool, and probably very effective. those two minutes of advertising went by like in a dream. and now i know what stadia is.

made fun? It was a fun advertisement! I would watch more ads if they were all like this.

That ad doesn’t make sense at all.

Much like Stadia.

That was…something.

The best thing I can say about it is that it’s an ad.
I like how it gives up on it’s own analogy of Stadia not existing anywhere, because it’s not like anything was making sense anyway.

I want some of what they smoked to make that, though.

I laughed, although I still won’t get Stadia.

It was a shit fuck stack.

Has a late 90’s feel, which probably lines up with their target market. Well played.

Yes, this was my thought as well. What if some kids from a 90s rADical grew up but were still stuck in the ad? Decent setup for a short horror film, I think.

Definitely the best part of Stadia so far.

It felt like one of those SNL/Mad TV fake ads to me. Except it’s for a product that is, for some reason, real.

That’s what people who never did acid think an acid trip is like.

I actually skipped the trailer until I saw this thread, then I watched it. I actually thought that was a pretty fun way to market something, personally. I mean, if nothing else, the moment with the dog was hilarious. “He actually found it!”

I still think streaming game subscriptions are lame, though. EDIT: Also yet another monthly service to pay for. No thanks.

I liked the ad! They didn’t say “dude” or “bro” once, so I don’t see how they’re pandering.

I am more curious about the dogs story than Stadia.

I thought it was a fun ad, I might feel differently if I was on the Stadia team tho.