How important is a dual core processor?

One guy just rewrote our build system for more optimal parallelism. Ahh, it’s nice to have an 80 minute build go to 40…

C++ builds are highly parallelizable. I didn’t realize how big the difference was between managed languages (.NET, Java) and C++ in this regard until recently.

Sissy code like Oracle? httpd? Anything but matrix transforms?

It’s actually quite rare to find code that doesn’t spend a very large amount of time waiting on L1 misses, even when you do a very good job of reducing disk reads. Having single-tick switching in hardware helps a lot.

It’s also the most efficient server in the world in $/Watt, I think. I was just talking to an ex-Sun guy tonight about it, and how nice it is for transactional systems with high load, and he mentioned a company that not only implements mySQL in hardware, they will take your query logs and implement tuning for your system in firmware for that hardware. Which is pretty hardcore, I think.

Anyway, true 8-core systems exist, and are pretty good at what they do.

And when you highly parallelize C++ builds they are only twenty times slower than managed builds, as opposed to a hundred times slower!

Yes, I believe my work machine has 2 quad cores in it or something. All I know is that when I go into the performance tracker window thing it shows 8 processors hard at work.

The new Intels show up as 8 because they have 4 hyper-threaded cores.

OK, that’s probably it. I think it’s an Intel machine.

Maybe it’s just double vision from all the drinking?

It’s not like he’s on the DNF team.