How is D&D these days?

Which is my biggest problem with D&D, to be honest. It shouldn’t be the default. It’s more accessible in 5E than ever before, but it’s still sprawling and often weird, not a little mathy, heavily combat focused in terms of actual rules support, and establishes habits and expectations that don’t serve a lot of other games well. It’s a very specific thing, and people treat it like it is roleplaying, full stop. Grr. I don’t think it’s even especially easy to learn.

But, that said, for what it does it’s pretty good. And although I have problems with literally every edition and 5 is no exception, it’s definitely learned some things from other designs in the meantime.

I definitely agree with all of that. . . but also accept the circumstances we must persist in.

But hey, it gets better. At our recent Charity RPG event, we had 4x as many players for the non-D&D tables as the D&D ones.

But my local scene is pretty weird :)

I started running the Lost Mine of Phandelver with my wife and a gaming couple and it’s been going great after 2 sessions. I’ve never actually DMed before and have very little actual live RPG experience but have been reading the books, supplements, etc, for years. 5th edition seems really accessible to me. Tons of tips/tricks out there for DMs as well if you’re going to run it. Matthew Mercer has a whole youtube series on being a good GM but there are also a ton of alternatives to help out as well.

I’ll reiterate what others have said, D&D 5e is great, much better than 4e.

I would recommend avoiding the tiamat campaign. My DM hating running it, and the group didn’t enjoy it much either.

If you like the Matt Mercer guides, and you have the time, I recommend watching Critical Role. I find it enjoyable to watch, but it is a huge time sink.

So many awesome tips and encouraments here - thanks a lot! I don¨t have much experience with youtube as a learning tool, but I´ll give Matt Mercer a look, thanks. I used to DM when I was…12 I guess for quite some years, but its always fun to see how people do things outside your small environment.

@rowe33 thats the exact module I see I will play. Someone actually suggested getting both the Essential and Starter kit, since they both use the same town as setting, and supplement each other quite well.

The Tiamat campaign was the first one they printed, it was a “launch title”, and they hadn’t really found their groove yet. I’ve purchased most of the hard cover modules for 5e and I have to say they keep getting better. They’ve found a sweet spot of interesting tactical situations, which is the bread and butter of D&D, and great world building that really lets the players integrate, make their own story, and shine.

Your results may vary, a bad group or DM will make any game shit just like a good group makes any game better. 5e really gives you the tools you need to run the kind of game you want. Focus on the dungeons, or meander off into interesting story sessions… or both!

I don’t know if your local Danish libraries would have this, but my local library has basically everything 5e, plus a number of other RPG systems. If you are uncertain, perhaps check your local libraries to see if they have copies for check out.

For example I recently checked out the My Little Pony RPG source book, and they also have the bestiary and additional adventures available.

FYI- Just 2 weeks ago a cleaned up version of this campaign was released. They combined it into one book and redid the first chapter plus other tweaks.

Thanks for the heads up, I bought it :) Haven’t had time to read it yet.

I played one campaign using 4E - I loathed it, and abandoned D&D as a system for a long time and went over to Pathfinder, 7th Sea, and others.

Then, extremely recently, someone got me into a 5E campaign. MUCH cleaner, more intuitive, and definitely friendly to newer players when we’re fortunate enough to have some come to the table. Definitely a good one to start with!

Man, I wish I had a group

Play online, it’s pretty much the only way I can get my RPG on these days.

Yep. And several online platforms (Roll20, say) have extensive pre-built support for 5E in a way you definitely don’t see for other games. (Though you may find at least some support. And a lot of the convenience D&D stuff costs.)

Made me laugh the other day when people were posting the remade for 5e modules like B1-2. I still have all the originals of most of those.

4E D&D is the Phantom Menace (or is that Highlander 2?) of the D&D world. That thing best left unspoken and forgotten about. Someone in marketing had a great idea- “MMOs are so popular and on fire, let’s make a tabletop game based on that concept”. Not so much…

I can’t remember all the minutiae and quirks of 3.5E/Pathfinder, despite recognizing that they can be awesome. I think anything that’s not purely skill-based (plus feats) is too hard for me.


I think you’ll have lots of fun with the D&D Starter set and “Lost Mine of Phandelver,” which is a terrific little campaign. I do think there are lots of other good systems too, but D&D 5th edition has a polish and elegance all its own.

Thanks all - I am heading into town today after work, to pick up both the Starter Kit, and the Essentials kit. I LOVE reading Roleplaying game rules books, so I am having that great nostalgia feeling that I had the first time, back when I was 12, and my father drove me into Aarhus town to the only shop that had games like this, and purchased the red D&D boxed set!

Awesome. I think you will love it. My wife and I recently joined a new D&D campaign where we play one evening every 2 weeks and we are having a blast.

It really doesn’t hurt that 5E is so streamlined that it wasn’t stressful at all to learn and get into. Out of the 300+ pages of the player’s handbook, only about 35 are game rules. The rest are races, classes, spells, gear, … All the stuff that gives you more information to create and grow a character. But the base rules are really well thought out and streamlined. All you need is already in the started / essentials kit. It’s also cool that one gives you premade characters and the other blank character sheets. You can go either way for your game. Also, the essentials kit comes with a DM screen.

And if you need a 5’ video to teach you any of the D&D concepts, I highly recommend Handbooker Helper. It’s a video series started by Critical Role where each video explains 1 concept / rule. Easy to digest and really well explained:

I’m having so much fun with D&D that I also bought both sets and am planning to run the mines for my wife and daughter within a few weeks.

There are tons of resources for DM’s for those adventures online and on Youtube. So if you need help with your prep, it’s all there for you.

Critical Role and others are fun to watch, but they are the Hollywood big budget production of D&D. Don’t expect all games to measure to that. :)

If you want more cool video series on DMing or playing the game, I can heartily recommend:

Running the game by Matt colville. The guy is awesome and is fun to listen even simply in audio form like a podcast.

Dungeon Dudes

2 Canadians who talk both about running and playing the game. Lots of interesting chats there too:

Another great thing about DnDBeyond, in addition to looking up rules and such, is the ability to create your PC online and for the PC to join into a group that the DM can view. I’m old, but its the first time I’m been in a campaign where I have no printed character sheet full of almost completely erased through paper, bad handwriting, coffee stains, etc. I’ve gone complete electronic!