How is Final Fantasy XIV (14) on PS4


Will just do the starter edition for now, thanks. I’ve been playing the freeby, and have my SUM to 35 now :P But going to 50 is a good idea, I can level a few diff classes to 50 and wait for a sale, cheers!


That’ll keep you busy for awhile. There is a non-trivial amount of extra content that unlocks around the time you hit 50 and finish the 2.0 story.


Jesus I want to throttle these people…I bought the standard game about 3 years ago, played for a month, then quit. I resub to my old login/account, and try to play, I get to character select, and it tells me the game isn’t registered…when I log onto the account at the mogstation, it shows that it is registered, and that the subscription is in place. A few more tries at loggin, and now my account is locked for suspicious activity. What an absolute fucking mess their account management is.

They are really doing everything in their power to dissuade me from playing this game, jesus.


Are you trying to move between Steam and non-Steam PC, by chance? They aren’t compatible and you can only have a license for one or the other on your service account.


Trying to play on Steam, and the account on mog station shows steam.


I’m laying this out to make sure I have the details correct:

You purchased the game on Steam ~3 years ago, then quit. Recently it sounds like you’ve been playing the Trial… was this the trial download on Steam or their website? Was it the same or different account than the one that you purchased a few years back?


Got it sorted out, thanks Kevin. I was using 2 different accounts, but that wasn’t the problem. The sub, the steam account, and my email etc was all correct, was just a screwup on their end. I restarted on Siren :P

I originally wanted to migrate my free trial account, as that character was 35, but you can’t without buying another copy of the game. I tried to figure out how to merge accounts, but it was such a cluster I just decided to reroll.


I spent about 30 hours playtime getting to 50 (totally bypassing the story) and am almost done with the MSQ (waiting on getting into a dungeon group). Is there an ARR endgame? Or do I need to purchase the expansions if I want to continue doing anything interesting? I’ve Googled and even asked my guild (FC) but it’s still not clear to me what I’m suppose to do now. If I finish the MSQ do other item-leveling quests open up? Can I now multiclass? I’m so confused!


You can take new jobs/classes at any time just by equipping the weapon for that job (well, after you speak to the trainer for the job. They’re located in the three major cities). In terms of ARR endgame, there’s a whole bunch of dungeons and trials that are available with harder versions of them. You can also work towards the Relic weapons for each job (can only work towards one job’s weapon at a time). This would mostly be for cosmetic reasons if you decide to pick up Stormblood, as the increase level cap would mean you’ll have access to more powerful weapons.


This is my favorite guide for the question of “What can I unlock and when?” that I’ve used countless times when helping friends get into the game.

It’s all worth unlocking at some point, imo. You can also unlock Blue Mage next to the Limsa aetheryte without any expansions.


Thanks @KevinC and @LockerK! Maybe I can find a little direction now 🧐


This is on sale on Steam as part of their SE publisher sale (50% off Stormblood, 33% off the Complete Edition). As a reminder, if you’ve activated a non-Steam PC version, you can’t buy the Steam version.


I entered Eureka for the first time last night and ended up finishing most of my Challenge Log in a random party with an AST and BLM.

I’m… not sure the FFXI-style camping mobs in the overworld works that well in FFXIV. FFXI, for all its flaws, works for grinding because combat is fairly slow and you don’t actually have all that much to do in any given fight. It’s a fairly chill experience. In FFXIV, you’re using a skill every 1-2 seconds. It works well for short encounters, but (at least for me) gets really wearing after an hour or so of it.

I guess I’m almost high enough level to jump on the NM train, so maybe I’ll do that instead of grinding mobs if only to save my fingers. (Yes, of course I could just skip Stormblood’s relic weapon, but it’s traditional for me to get the DRG one.)


This is a really good point, and in stark contrast to something like Everquest. My Necro in EQ casts 3 dots, and then sits down for a minute lol, it’s very long term friendly. FF is a very busy game.


The last two nights in Eureka, I’ve played as my SCH and it’s night and day with the DRG. I love my DRG in raids and dungeons, but the SCH is both far more survivable and slower paced here. In a small group, that’s exactly what I needed to make Eureka fun.


Both scholar and summoner are a real gravy train. I think easily the best class /jobs to start with as well. Being able to have 2 jobs off one base class is really handy. And Sum…jeez…that class is bordering on unfair for PVE grinding/solo/quests etc. I always love classes that have tank/healer/dps in one lol.


Yeah I first played a bard to 50 and was so bored. Then I put a book in my toon’s hand and suddenly the game actually presented some enjoyable choices for me. Almost up to 50 on my Sum then gonna go back and do the scholar quests. So much more fun.


If you end up picking up Stormblood, the Summoner progression from 50 to 60 and 60 to 70 is amazing. They put on a couple layers of awesome around the original package, and the way it all ties together feels very elegant and not “here’s more buttons”.


I reupped my FFXIV sub based on this thread. I’ve tended to poop out around level 20 but plan on pushing thru and getting at least 1 char into the 30s, lol.

Spent about an hour tinkering with new chars as the ones I’d made a few months ago no longer have the bonus XP thing. Figured it’s worth going thru the first hours again to keep the xp bonus in tact thru 60.

So after a ton of tinkering and creating/deleting new chars I finally hit on one I think I’ll like. A human pugilist. Too bad I can’t save him because I’ve hit my limit on new chars for a day! HA! Alt-itis is tough on me in this game because every class has something I don’t quite like about it (armor/weapon/whatever), but every class is interesting too. So I bounce around like a madman.

Anyway, I’m off into Eorzea. Maybe I’ll keep playing with my Archanist from yesterday. Or remake a pugilist. Man, if marauders had swords instead of axes I’d be all over them. Or Lancers!

"sigh’ See what i mean?


You know you can do all the classes on the same character, right? :p