How is the DAOC Housing Expansion?

Anyone here still playing DAOC?

I haven’t played in six months but I’m thinking of going back for a bit.

How is the game currently? How is the housing expansion?

Anything of note to consider on returning to the game?


As far as I can tell it’s just a money-sink.

Bleh! To satisfy my curiosity I downloaded the stuff, re-upped my account and gave it a try. Blech! The lag in the housing zones is just insane - I am practically immobile. I have a pretty decent rig with a decent vid card and had no prior problems with DAOC. But the housing just sucks eggs.

I couldnt even get to the point of pricing stuff the lag was so bad.

No matter what the gameplay issues are with it, its clearly a POS in regards to technical performance :(. IMO its totally unplayable.

Blah. Wasted $13.



Housing expansion isn’t that bad, actually-yes it’s a money sink that dwarfs the game’s crafting system in terms of sheer amount of money that you can put into it, but it does have a lot of useful and neat aspects to it.

For one thing, there hasn’t been a land rush at all-Mythic put tons of lots in the three new zones, and on all but the most populous of realms there are still lots available for very little cost. They’re also planning to put in another 80 or so lots per realm with the next patch so that crowded realms will still have lots available, and are committed to making sure that there isn’t any shortage of housing available.

The housing system has been pretty bug free for as complex as it is-there is a nice intricate permissions system attached to the house with access control lists at a alliance/guild/player level.

Basic personal cottages and houses arne’t that expensive-a cottage goes for one plat and houses 10p-the cottage is readily availble and houses are affordable if you put in a good couple of days of farming money. There is weekly rent of 2% of the houses’ cost that you have to pay to keep your house and your lot, this is not that bad for a cottage but larger houses (my guild has a villa, 40p cost total) it can add up. You can pay rent with both coin and through personal bounty points earned in RvR combat at a 1BP->1G ratio.

Decorating is pretty easy too-think Dark Age of Simsalot. You can purchase items at your house for both the inside and the outside and customzie the cosmetic appearance of your house. Decorations range from cheap to costly and there’s a good number of different things you can buy for your home. You can also kill a good number of named mobs from a variety of areas and get them ‘stuffed’ via taxidermy mechants and player-made alchemy potions. It’s pretty neat-I’ve got four really cool trophies in my home, and they make excellent decorations.

Houses can also have merchants of a variety of sorts-teleporters to both border keeps and Shrouded Isles, siege merchants, healers, crafting merchants, and vault keepers. You can also place crafting points like forges and alchemist tables in your houses too. There are also consignment merchants where you can buy goods for sale by other players-this is a really great way to get crafted gear (recently bought my Runemaster a new set of crafted cloth for very cheap through a consignment merchant).

There have been a series of minor patches, but for the most part the housing has worked pretty well out of the box. I do get a large amount of graphics lag in the housing zones-it’s because of the way DAoC handles each external decoration as an individual object and it causes the same kind of lag that running into a group of enemeies in RvR does as new objects and textures are loaded in.

Housing expansion doesn’t change much for PvE outside of the obvious crafting and money farming implications-although it’s easier I think for people to find experience groups since more level 50s are out farming cash. It’s changed the Realm vs. Realm aspects of the game some too-namely more keep taking to open Darkness Falls and the additional border keep teleporter has changed common tactics for raids against power relics a good bit too.

Good expansion. Wish they had done the RvR one first since that’s all I play the game for, but as housing goes it’s not that bad.

where are the housing zones?!? i’d like to stroll thru this DAOC suburbia…


Sorry, but that statement is soo incredibly far from reality that I have to comment. A “good couple of days of farming” is not going to net you 10 platinum. More like maybe half a single platinum, even at 50th level. My 50th level paladin on Igraine has a little over 4 platinum after well over 200 hours of gametime that was spent primarily on PvEing.

Hey, maybe he’s playing a Necromancer. :)

As a DOAC noob, for what it’s worth, I’m having a whale of a time. That’s coming from someone who quickly tired of EQ, gaming’s own valium (Eve online) and spent a good few months with UO. Haven’t seen these newfangled houses yet though. 1 plat sounds very reasonable though, as a level 16 Wizard with 16 and a bit gold. :)

Now a housing question… are homes somewhere you can dump your crap, like a personal bank? Or does stuff decay just as if you’ve dumped it outside?

I saw a friend exit TNN back door, turn left, and walk along the wall until he came to one. He showed me how he can adjust permissions and decorations. His guild bought a huge mansion type thing with a lot of levels, and various sellers inside that sell the hand me downs for 1 copper.

gaming’s own valium (Eve online)

:P :lol: Well said, so true… The only game I know that has an ingame web-browser so that you could surf the net while playing the game (of course it didn’t work very well). I remember I had to go to some distant galaxy to pick up a new ship (about 30 jumps) so I turned on autopilot and went out and mowed the lawn. When I came back, there was still 5 jumps left.

Sorry, but that statement is soo incredibly far from reality that I have to comment. A “good couple of days of farming” is not going to net you 10 platinum. More like maybe half a single platinum, even at 50th level. My 50th level paladin on Igraine has a little over 4 platinum after well over 200 hours of gametime that was spent primarily on PvEing.[/quote]

Huh. I’ve had some pretty regular game times lately where I hooked into a Lord raid in Darkness Falls, and while romping through there picked up about 200 gold in a couple of hours. Ditto for Tuscaran Glacier raids, and highbie expeditions into Trollheim. Maybe “a good couple of days” for ten plat is a bit of an exaggeration, but “two weeks or so” sure isn’t.

And I took a good four months “off” from DAoC, and came back when my realm and server got the /level 30 command. I’m also having a total blast playing other character classes right now, experimenting, and finding new stuff to do. I was also pleased to see a new lowbie battleground, and the changes to crafting have also been most welcome.

Still my favorite MMRPG.

True. I’ve seen those little bastards chain pull the goblins by the house in Lyonesse and leave a string of loot bags in a long line once the mobs are all dead.

A “good couple of days of farming” is not going to net you 10 platinum. More like maybe half a single platinum

The last time I tried DAoC (about two months ago, it takes me a day to remember why I don’t like the game) a friend of mine took me to his farming spot. I think it was called the Sheeroe hills. Nobody EVER goes out there. There is a little valley filled with Firbolgs in orange-ish robes. Said friend two boxes a Mana-Chanter and a Druid. I am sure you can figure out how he pulls.

Anyway, in about two hours I walked away 4 levels higher, with 200 actual gold on me (he was also PLing his son, and another person in his guild) + 100 gold or so in items, + a bunch of cloth and metal things that I had scrapped and sold the bits.

All told, 380 gold or so. Everyone had roughly the same.

As in all games, the problem is that people don’t often know where to look to make best money. In EQ, I amassed an ungodly fortune. If I had the time and patience to get to 50 in DAoC (I got to 41 at release with my enchanter, before becoming very angry) I could probably do the same.

Amassing wealth in DAoC is easy if you play a character like a Mana Chanter, or a Matter Cabalist, or a Necromancer.

For those of us that play a melee character, it is very difficult to gain money quickly.

I was in the Beta for housing - the end product is pretty neat, but at the cost that it is right now it’s more effcient to bind in the SI starter town and use everything there - espcially if you spend 99% of your time rvring and have no desire to farm.

Cancelled my DAOC accounts finally before housing went live, but not before being amazed at the prices charged for good houses in small realms like mine. The income disparity between servers and realms is simply massive - my noob guin shaman was able to amass a much larger fortune within 1 week of hitting 50 than my Nimue enchanter ever saw (top RP enchanter by a long shot since the server opened, and 10 full bubbles of XP past 50 - so he PVEd more than 99.999% of all players).

Just unfortunate. It’s too bad they couldn’t find a way to let people spend their otherwise worthless bounty points. RvR is considered by many to be the endgame, but the primary rewards of that (RPs and BPs) do nothing for you in obtaining housing.

But you can use Bounty Points to pay for the weekly rent on housing. It’s better then nothing.

So when you say “graphics lag” here and Sharpe talks about “lag”, you actually mean you just have a really bad framerate, right?

The two terms get confused in forums a lot and I think it misleads people as to the experience.

Lag = a communcations delay. I click a button, it takes too long for the server to generate a response. I aim at a guy in front of me, but he’s really moved on 20 feet and the server is just really slow at telling me for whatever reason. Players “warp” around, moving smoothly in one place and then all of a sudden appearing yards away, where they move smoothly again. Stuff like that.

framerate = the communcations are responsive enough, but my screen just doesn’t update very quickly. It “stutters”, and is often unresponsive on your own side (you can’t turn your view quickly or smoothly, the mouse moves through mollasses, etc.).

You can have a smooth framerate and bad lag, or vice versa, or both. Planetside, for instance, seems to be really great on lag but the framerate suffers if you don’t have a good rig.

Then of course there’s the 'ol “the game is just smooth and responsive and everything is great except that every 30 seconds it grinds to a halt briefly while my hard drive chatters away”, which a great many MMOs suffer from. Such major RAM hogs.