How is there no Pacquiao-Margarito thread?

I can’t be the only person who watched the fight, can I?

Because god damn.

It got pummeled to hamburger by some tiny Filipino.

I gotta give Margarito props for going the full twelve. Fucker just wouldn’t go down. His right eye looked like corned beef and he still kept plugging away.

It was pretty obvious Manny gave him the twelfth round, but he deserved it. He gave him one of the best fights he’s seen in a long time.

Margarito had 20 pounds on Manny. If they’re in the same weight, he goes down in the 5th or 6th. But Margarito also had some sins to atone for, so he fought as best he could. But, yeah, you could tell Manny eased off. He kept glancing at the ref in the 11th like, “Why Don’t You Fucking End This Fight Already, Dude? I don’t want to cripple him.”

I know it’s post facto armchair boxing to say this, but I was really surprised to hear a lot of people saying that Pacman was going to get his ass kicked in this fight. Have they not seen him fight?

The fact that the fight wasn’t stopped is one of the (many) reasons that boxing is dying. I feel that was irresponsible. Yeah, I admire a warrior hanging in there, but eventually it stops being a fight and starts becoming a beating. The ref, or Margarito’s corner should have stepped in.

Didn’t Margarito weigh in at 150 and Pacquiao at 144.5?

No kidding. I didn’t even bother watching it because I know how much of a mismatch this was.

That was at the official weigh in. But at the weigh-in last night, Margarito had 17 pounds more on Pacman.

The ref should have stopped it around 8 or 9. At that point, he had already called time out once or twice to let the doc look at Margarito’s eye, and the doctor was looking at that eye between rounds. But if you look at the numbers, Manny was just unloading on Margarito at a ratio of 10:1 in terms of hits landed. It wasn’t even close.

News just came in Margarito has a fractured orbital bone and is going to be in the hospital until tomorrow, at least.

Right, the contracted weight limit was 150 but Margarito cut weight to get there, re-hydrated after and was (according to Yahoo Sports) up to around 165 at fight time. That’s a huge weight difference.

Fuck Margarito. It’s a disgrace that he got sanctioned to fight again.

Fans or press? The boxing press is fucking terrible when it comes to this, they’ll talk up any fight. Haye vs Harrison is a great case in point - Harrison is a never-was who is one of the worst boxers I’ve ever seen given a title fight, a man incapable of throwing a punch and someone who is terrified of getting hit. He’s proven it time and again.

And yet plenty of people were giving him a real chance of beating Haye.

So, no surprise when Haye murdered him in the 3rd round. Harrison was knocked down more times than he landed punches.

I hadn’t watched a big fight in years.

I saw this with friends last night on my 50" in high def…oh to have had this tv to see Leonard/Duran or Leonard/Hearns!

Anyways, I enjoyed the fight. I’ve never seen that Pacman dude fight before, good grief he has fast hands.

Some things caught my attention as different from the old days. Wives and kids prominently hanging out with the fighters before the fight. This IS still a bloodsport is it not? Not one, not two, but three national anthems(one sung by Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!) AND a hip hop act to start the show.

Some things never change. Somehow a banned substance is handed to the fighter because it’s his choice to take it or not? Even though both sides have observers to watch the hand taping, there are still complaints about how it was done? Boxers can’t make their weights, one even paying his opponent $5k as a penalty.

All in all, I was very entertained and impressed with that stadium.

No wonder Mayweather beat up his ex girlfriend and threatened his children. I wouldn’t want to dance with Pacquiao either.

The ref did what he could, by pausing the fight to check Margarito’s focus. Beyond that I believe it’s entirely up to the corner to throw in the towel.

That said, look at it from Margarito’s point of view. This was his only shot at redemption, his one chance at a comeback. When it was obvious he wasn’t gonna win, he knew that the only way he could salvage what little dignity or career he could muster would be to go the twelve rounds. If he threw in the towel it’d be all over for him.

And even though he lost, he tagged Manny more times than anyone else had managed to in a single round. That’s no small feat. It’s not a win, but it’s a far cry better than giving up.

There’s some truth to that, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find a boxing professional that would have faulted him for throwing in the towel. de la Hoya did it, and I think everyone agrees that was the smart move. He had nothing to gain from letting Pacquiao beat the snot out of him any longer.

Pacquiao owned Margarito from round 1. Wasn’t even a fair fight. Still, the man went all 12 rounds…you can’t take that away from him. Unlike Mayweather, who’s too busy running his mouth to nut up and step in the ring.

I saw the fight with a couple of dozen Filipinos, boy do they love Manny especially the woman. But who can blame them, he sure came across as a great guy on last week’s 60 minutes interviews.

Before last nights fight, I thought the comments about PacMan being among the greatest boxers ever were out of place. I was wrong. I would guess that based on his height and build his natural fighting weight is in the 110-120 lb range and here he is destroying a very good 165 lb boxer. I don’t know how that is possible but he did it.

Pacquiao’s a good guy - last time my dad (who’s Filipino) was out in L.A. he bumped into Pacquiao and some of his people…Pacquiao invited my dad and brother up to his apartment to hang out…signed a bunch of boxing gloves, served up some food, played guitar…seriously…the man lives up to his reputation.

Olympic gold medallist and beat Sprott with a dislocated shoulder, stopped Williams in three. He was also clearly head and shoulders above the competition when I saw him at Prizefighter.

However, Adam Booth said it best when he said you have to be brave to climb between the ropes, but you can’t teach someone to have fight. Harrison has always been a big lump that is tricky because he’s a southpaw. His fear of mixing it up has always been a handicap and his incessant chatter has won him few fans. I think it’s a shame that he never lived up to his potential and there is a real sense of him being very deluded as to his place in boxing.

Hopefully, this will be the last of him, however, he could still be a name to have on your resume and it’s likely we’ll see people willing to fight him and get that win.

For all the poor Audley talk though, he still woke up yesterday morning with a bruised face and a more bruised ego, but several hundred thousand pounds in the bank. He’ll be okay!

de la Hoya was also retired and horribly out of shape. He had a lot less to lose from giving up. Margarito had one shot at a comeback. I’m not saying it was smart of him to stay in the fight as long as he had, I’m just saying I understand the decision and can respect it.

Unlike Mayweather, who’s too busy running his mouth to nut up and step in the ring.

Mayweather knows he doesn’t have a chance in hell so he’s doing what all insecure meatheads do: talk a big game while coming up with excuses not to back it up.