How Joel Schumacher's Bat-failure became the DCAU's success

Joel Schumacher was the best thing to happen to us

Noticed they throw up red flags that with a new Batman film,and Superman film large chuncks of Batman and Superman are off limits, I don’t think thats a bad thing.They’ve already had their run. I like the new Justice League unlimited with secondary (and lower) characters getting some prime time.

WRITERS: “Dammit, we WILL save Aquaman’s reputation!”
KIDS: “Go, Prince of Cod!”

I don’t understand the thinking here. Why is Batman’s cast offlimits? I don’t see a connection between the movies and the animated series. Why does Warner Bros./DC?

I’d imagine it’s more to avoid diluting the various characters.

If there enough stories to fill several decades worth of comic books*, why shouldn’t there be enough to deal with a movie once every 2 years and a seasonal cartoon?

*granted, a lot of it was crap.