How lame

I love how in the end they say none of the Japanese women who worked as prostitutes have asked for compensation. It sounds to me like many of them volunteered to be comfort women, they weren’t kidnapped or taken as spoils of war and forced into prostitution.

Are you seriously taking the position of “the bitches were asking for it”?

“How lame.” by Dirt


It’s Dirt. Who the fuck cares what position he’s taking?

I’m guessing they are all dead by now, or just wanted to put it behind them. They’d all be in their 80s or beyond - at this point, do they really want to re-open old wounds just for an apology and a small stipend?

Whoops, sorry Dirt. Please return to demonizing the Japanese. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I mean, even the whores don’t escape your righteous anger.

Signing up for an office job and being “persuaded” to become a prostitute isn’t exactly volunteering.


Some people have moved on since World War II.

Not Chinese people, and Dirt is Chinese, douchebag.

While Dirt is a one trick pony and sometimes troll, I don’t think a nation like Japan should be allowed to “move on” by rewrting history and just pretending nasty stuff didn’t happen or was caused by something/someone else.

Moving on means accepting responsibility and reacting accordingly. Look at how South Africa is working on “moving on” for an example.

You still see people in Germany being shunned/critizised for digging into unpleasant history (and in my country it was our rather nasty treatment of German POWs and refugees after the War) - but only by looking at history and finding all the facts (as well as assigning blame) do we learn.

Unfortunately Dirt’s “those hos were askin for it” is pretty much Japanese official policy with the Abe administration. I’m a little surprised why a Chinese advocate would take that position, given that the Japanese were busily scorching Chinese earth when not taking time off in their rape gang camps. Guess it’s complicated.

And I don’t agree with Dirt (just pointing it out), I just took offense at the “get over it”-camp.

Considering Dirts posting history on this subject I think it is likely he was either trolling or it was a bit of sarcasm that missfired. Dirt forgiving the Japanese for WW2 atrocities would be about as likely as McCullough forgiving Bush his presidency.

Duh, Dirt means that the Japanese hos were asking for it. The Chinese and Koreans were raped.

As horrible as it was for many of the Japanese females, they were endentured. Filipinos, Koreans and many South East Asians were enslaved. There’s a difference between endentured servitude and slavery.

So basically, you are saying that the Japanese women in the rape gang camps were asking for it, whereas the other nationalities were pure.


Guess you were right.

I’m saying Japanese women had something the other women didn’t: choice and free will.

So your position is that being an indentured servant prostitute is someone’s choice?

So, it’s cool that they have the bare-mattress-on-the-ground dog kenneleque slums in the US for Chinese women smuggled in on boats and forced for work as prostitutes, because, you know, it’s their choice? Free will and all.

Just don’t try to quit or run away.

Different cultures deal with these things differently. Far Eastern cultures seem to have a particularly difficult time dealing with the fact that they have done horrific things in the past. For example, the official line in China today is that Tibet and Mongolia have always been part of China – ignoring the massacres of Tibetans and Mongolians. sigh

While your comment makes perfect sense to me as an American, I think Asian cultures (and perhaps Middle Eastern cultures, too, given the vehemence of the Turkish response to the fairly indisputable facts around the genocide of Armenians by the Turks) might work a bit differently.