How long does food poisoning take before you get really sick?

relapsed - spoke too soon earlier

Surprised at some of the things people got food poisoning from. Ice cream? I never woulda guessed that was possible (unless it was cookie dough ice cream)

In college food poisoning blamed on dominos pizza was code for “I was hung over and didnt feel like class today”.

Standard advice for severe fluid loss from ass and mouth applies: hydrate, get salts (gatorade is a great source) and stay somewhere cool and quiet. Preferably near a toilet. Soft bland breads or crackers in small quantities when you feel hungry, they’ll be less likely to agitate your stomach.

I got food poisoning from our anniversary cake. I was in the freezer for a year. Thawed it out, ate some, it was gross, 6 hours later puking my guts out all night.

It was the first time I had vomited since I was a little kid. I think I even broke Seinfeld’s record.

These two sentences read like the start of some intriguing and mysterious tale.

I’ve had this twice and it is beyond awful. Both times our entire family was puking around the clock for 2 days straight. Even well after there were no contents to come up. My wife actually pulled a back muscle from it.

For this very reason, I diligently wash my hands before every meal.

I eat all the bacteria I can. My immune system sometimes gets lackadaisical so when that happens I inject myself with ebola, anthrax, bird flu, SARS and cyanide. Usually gets it going. Usually.

I’ve had food poisoning three times. The first time, which was the worst, it hit me about 10 hours after the likely culprit. Took me several days to recover after about five or six hours of hell. The second time I got food poisoning it hit me about 3-4 hours after eating, but that time was complicated by the fact that I was in a cast on my foot, which made sudden trips to and from the bathroom very difficult. The last time it hit me within an hour or so of eating, but once I puked the culprit up I felt better almost immediately.

Not as surprised as we were, just google for tons of info on it. Turns out they probably didn’t keep the ice cream scoop as clean as they should have despite having sanitizing stations for them. Stupid teenagers.