How long for a dead raccoon to stop stinking?

Smelled something rank a week ago but couldn’t figure out what it was. Then today the smell was unbearable so did a more thorough search of my backyard and under deck. Found a dead raccoon in the corner fencing of my yard under some bushes. How long before this thing stops stinking? Is there something I can put on it to speed up the decay process?

I’m not going to try and move it as I’m sure it will open up and fall apart if I do. So Gross, I’m about ready to barf.

Quicklime. That’s what I use on my bod… Nevermind.

Ew, gross.

Where do I get that from and how much do I put on it?

2-3 weeks. From the moment the smell was noticeable. Based on mass.

Hardware store most likely. Just don’t buy it with an empty 55 gallon drum. :)

Quicklime will nail it in 1-2 days.

It’s outdoors, just cover it with a mound of dirt.

Well, quicklime will keep scavengers away as well. Nothing like having a bunch of rotten raccoon parts scattered around your yard.

Heh. This is the story of Rotten Raccoon! His woman ran of with another guy…

Kill all your grass and shrubberies, though. Just let nature take its course. Or call someone to take it away.

What if I spray it with Febreze?


This. Or, if you have a crocodile handy and it’s still fairly fresh, you can get rid of the carcass and feed the croc! Don’t ask me how I know this. Although you already know.

But seriously, covering with dirt works well. If nothing has found the body by now it’s probably safe from disturbance. Let nature do its thing, the smell is temporary.

Maybe you can cremate it?

You guys, stop being weird. Don’t quicklime or burn it.

Unless you don’t have the strength to handle it, i’d just dig a hole and bury it if you’re feeling nice, or toss it into a garbage bag and chunk it or even just drop it in a box and carry it out to the dumpster if you still have an alley with a big dumpster in back. Or worse come to worse, just dump some dirt on top of it, but it would be better to remove it so it isn’t “out there” for a year or two as it decays.

Jeff has immunity issues. He doesn’t need to be near a rotting animal.

I can’t speak from knowledge but i would be surprised if a natural dead animal handled with a shovel was seriously threatening to health (other than the smell).

If it’s genuinely a life and limb safety issue you might call the city or police or some other civic group… or, actually, just pay a yard guy $20 to get rid of it. But better to get rid of it than make things worse by like, piling timber and setting it on fire or something just as weird.

The other day a large rabbit was hit by a car outside my driveway (dirt road, semi-rural area). Within a couple of hours animal control had hauled it away. Well, that, or one of the neighbors decided rabbit stew sounded good. But the fish and game/animal control people are pretty good here. Usually they work with bigger critters, so a bunny wasn’t an issue. I definitely wanted it gone before it began to tantalize my hounds.

Good idea! Animal control probably does deal with dead animals. Give them a call and put those tax dollars to work!

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

Round here you just call animal control. They have special trucks.