How long will you live?

I found this while fooling around with Money today. It’s kind of neat to see how already being old significantly increases your life expectancy; it spits out 87 for me, which is way above those “life expetancy from birth” numbers you see passed around.

Get off my lawn, you damn kids!

I have really good genes, but really bad exercising habits.

Somehow I still got a life expectancy of 102 years so I must be doing something right!

Those questions are too hard. This isn’t as fun as the penguin game.

Without a corresponding web test to find my cholesterol and blood pressure, I can’t complete this test.

However, let me see what the worst case scenario is.

Based on your answers to the above questions, your current life expectancy is 28 years. If you’re not happy with the result, consider that by adopting a healthier lifestyle and avoiding various risk factors, you can increase your life expectancy by up to 15 years.

This is for a heavy drinking, heavy smoking 300lb 5’6" 25 year old with a high cholestorol and heart rate and a family that keels over dead in a stiff breeze.

So… I should… :shock:

91 years, though that is based on using default blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

crazy that ideal body weight for 6’ tall is 160 lbs. i need to start exercising more…

What sort of death by natural causes would leave you dead before 60? I just don’t get that question.

Does that basically just mean you weren’t murdered and didn’t commit suicide?

Is cancer or heart disease considered natural? WTF is natural?


One of the negative factors I haf against me was my gender! My gender!?

I’m predisposed to die at an early age.

Jeez, that was pretty morbib. My policy is usually “I’ll start working out and eating right later.”

There might not be a later!

Is there a metric version of this test anywhere? Converting to feet and pounds and elbows or whatever is so complicated…

I’ll tell ya a few seconds before I die.

I got 90, but they told me my ideal weight was 170 for a 6 foot tall guy. Seems a little low, but I’m not that far above it. For me my thing is that one grandparent might have lived past 80 if smoking hadn’t gotten him first, so that knocks it a little. Also, my Dad had a freak heart attack at 38 (not a typo, just 4 packs of cigs a day, over 10 cups of coffee a day, pure red meat diet, 2 jobs, a failing marriage… maybe it wasn’t a “freak”, but you know what I mean).

Not really sure what “clean living” will get me. No cancer with my grandparents, 2 lived to be pretty old, I excercise a bit and eat decently, and my 100$ a day coke habit is down to 50$ (thanks Atkins!!!).

79 years of age. Thats with me being 6’2" 280 and smoking 20 cigs a day. Yeah, I do way that but I’m large framed. So anyway, that’s really not so bad for me, I got another 52 years!!!

I’m targetted for termination at 85. But I must admit that I don’t know what my blood pressure is. I do know that my doctor is not at all concerned. I also don’t know my cholesterol level, but I maintain a healthy diet (aside from potato chips and chocolate chip cookies).

Both of those are natural. Unnatural is murder, suicide, drug OD, or accidental death (MVA, etc.). Everything else is natural, per the coroner’s office.

My stupid location isn’t simply a lame joke, I’m an organ donor coordinator. Only brain dead people can be organ donors (insert joke here). So I see a lot of people in their 50s who aren’t controlling their hypertension properly. Well, ze blood vessels in your brain are the weakest, so they’ll rupture and the person will bleed out and die. It’s called The Silent Killer for a reason. One day you’re eating all the salty foods you love and swearing to hit the gym, then you get a really bad headache and never wake up.

The weight thing is ludicrous. I’m a medium framed 5’7" and I weigh 185, but I carry almost no body fat - I have done a lot of weight training in the past. It is muscle and bone mass.

Silly generalizing insurance web-forms think I’m a fatty.

For some reason I have always thought you were a dwarf. Why did I think that? Did you ever say you were a dwarf at one point on these boards? You must have. Either that or you were describing yourself in on the LOTR threads and I got confused.

Gee, thanks for sharing Bill.

I agree, seems like they should be asking more questions to get an idea of your BMI instead of just going off weight.

For some reason I have always thought you were a dwarf. Why did I think that? Did you ever say you were a dwarf at one point on these boards? You must have. Either that or you were describing yourself in on the LOTR threads and I got confused.[/quote]

I am prone to making jokey allusions.