How long would you wait for good pizza?

Yesterday a local pizza chain (Marion’s Pizza) rolled their prices back to 1965. Their thin crust large deluxe was $2.50. I got there about 10p (figuring the lines would have died down by then), got my order in about 10:45p and put my hands on that yummy pizza about 11:30.

I heard from others who were there earlier that wait was up to 2 hours. My wife thinks I’m crazy for waiting so long but she did like the pizza. Some of my co-workers think I’m crazy too. Am I crazy? Are there others as crazy or crazier? Or am I just alone…alone…alone…

Yes, you’re crazy. Two hours to bake a pizza!?

I would wait as long as it took for the delivery guy to get there. Unless it had been an hour, then I would call and get a discount.

You are just as full after a meal of 2 Peanut Butter and banana sandwiches as you are after a meal of steak and lobster. No sense waiting on food forever when there are 1 million other choices out there that will leave hunger equally sated. OTOH, food has never been that big a deal to me. You eat whatever is around when you are hungry, stop before you eat yourself into a state of misery, and if you forget a meal because you are busy or do not want anything at hand, don’t eat.

Wait, was this a thread on the obesity problem nation- and worldwide or did you just ask about waiting an interminaby long line for food that was about 18% better than Domino’s 3 for $5, $5, $5 deal?

I doubt they have unlimited pizza ovens. At those prices, the volume of orders means that it isn’t taking two hours to bake a pizza, it means it’s taking an hour and a half to get your pizza into the oven due to the orders in front of it.

For good pizza? I’d wait a good long time. If Pequod’s of Chicago or Imo’s of St. Louis would somehow deliver here to DC in five hours and I knew it’d take that long, I’d happily place my order around 3pm for 8pm tastegasm.

You’re crazy. The best pizza I’ve ever eaten is not worth waiting two hours for. Yeah, if you’re triggercut and think to order it two hours before you want it, I guess who cares about the wait. But otherwise: crazy. And it’s doubly crazy because it sounds like people are waiting two hours not because the pizza is that good, but because the pizza is that cheap. I can be a penny-pinching bastard, but going hungry for two hours to save $8 (or whatever) just seems loony to me.

I can’t say that I’d wait two hours for a Pizza, it’s just not a food I’d wait that long for.

I’m not waiting 2 hours for a $2.50 pizza when I can get a large pepperoni in less thatn 5 minutes for $5 from Little Caesar’s. Even if the LC is bad (which it is).

Wait, was this a thread on the obesity problem nation- and worldwide or did you just ask about waiting an interminaby long line for food that was about 18% better than Domino’s 3 for $5, $5, $5 deal?

Man that 5-5-5 deal is the only reason I order from them. Its great.

I’ve waited an hour in line just to get into Gino’s East, back when I live in the Chicago area. Admittedly, I was younger then. But I’d wait at least an hour to get something that good out here. (There just isn’t a pizzaria as good as Gino’s or Uno’s in Austin.)

For delivery pizza, though, 60 minutes tops.

You are crazy. It’s the same pizza at 2005 prices, right? I assume those are already back and the wait for a pizza is more like 10 or 15 minutes now.

I never get food delivered. It’s not hot, fresh or fast enough for me. I always pick it up.

a bargain goes a long way, but not even I would wait two hours to eat to save a measly 10 bucks, unless I was seriously broke and hungry.

I’d wait quite a while for good pizza, as apparently there is none in Massachusetts. For some reason, all the conventional grill/sub-shop/pizzerias are run by Greeks. God knows, I have nothing against Greek food, and their regular grill stuff is fine, but their pizza is… eh…

The alternative is the fancy-shmancy stone-oven gourmet “pizza”, and I put it in quotes because it’s not twirled in the air, it’s got weird stuff on it that’s not tomato paste and mozzarella, and it just doesn’t taste very good.

As far as I’m concerned it’s Neapolitan or nothing. And for that matter, by “Neapolitan” I mean New-York style thin-crust pizza made in America in steel ovens by immigrants from Naples, not whatever focaccia stuff they actually eat in Italy…

The best pizza I’ve had in MA is from Papa Gino’s, a so-so- fast food chain. Very sad. But… they do deliver.

Miramon, there’s a place in Malden, called Anna’s Pizzeria, in a building that looks like an abandoned mosque. Go in and order the feta and bacon pizza if you’re ever in the area. Thank me later.

That’s cheating. The original poster had to go to the store and wait there for two hours. If it was just a delivery I could say I’d “wait” 30 years for pizza from Lorenzo’s on South Street. So would you be willing to go outside and stand there waiting for the delivery for five hours?

Wait for pizza? Feh! We make our own pizza around here. Okay, even though I’m Italian and Lars is German, he’s the one who makes the pizza. [size=2]Hell, I’m not complaining - it’s good pizza.[/size]

My homemade pizzas take about 2 hours to make, including dough rising and cooking time.

I would never wait more than 30 minutes for pizza. There’s just no reason with the dough premade and those gigantic ovens in the shops for it to take that long.

Marion’s is a dine-in pizza establishment. They don’t deliver and they only take cash. There are 7 restaurants in Dayton only and according to the newspaper they make $13 million a year.

Yah a huge part of the attraction is that they’re cheap but no way I would wait 90 minutes for mediocre pizza. It really is GOOD pizza. They had some articles pasted up for people to read in line, they’ve done this in the past at the 40, and 50 year mark I think. In 1995 they sold 10,000 pizzas (not including subs and pasta) and served 40 to 50 thousand people. Back in 1995 I think they only had 5 locations, so it’s just a huge crush of people all day long waiting for the pizza.

Seriously, I doubt people would wait 2+ hours for cheap bad pizza, but they’ll do it for cheap good pizza.

Uhhh… Feta… but that’s… well… you know… Greek! Well, OK, in the unlikely event I’m ever in Malden I’ll keep it in mind. How bad can it be compared to everything else around here…

Have you been to Paradiso at Dupont Circle?