How low will they go

Saw this at VE3D:

“Some pretty big news by way of, competition is heating up and Eletronic Gaming Monthly’s Q has posted a rumor on the site that PS2 and XBox prices will be cut to $150 soon and Nintendo’s GameCube to $100, in time for the Christmas season. Specifically, Thanksgiving weekend is mentioned as a possible time. I suppose we’ll find out soon but an interesting report.”

So how long before we start seeing the really crazy deals.

New Microsoft ad: Sign up for 3 months of MSN and get a free Xbox!!!

A lot of people around here – whom I generally consider to be knowledgable as to how the industry works – have been speculating about that, so I’m not really surprised to see it.

If they drop Xboxes to $150, I’ll be buying one before long. And the Cube at $100? That’s a great deal, too.

Not going to happen, guys. If it was, it would have happened already for Xmas-- and it’s still too early in the life of all three consoles for them to dip that low.

I’m not sure I agree with this. The Thanksgiving holiday is a common time for Christmas sales.

Yeah, that’s pretty true. As much as I’d like to hope that this rumor is true, I’ve gotta say that it’s unlikely, as it is pretty early.

I guess only time will tell…

well, except for the fact that Sony introduced a new chipset for the PS2 which makes the PS2 cheaper to produce…that and if consoles are truly the “razor/blades” model, then the PS2 has enough ‘razors’ already in the market (allowing them solid earnings on future ‘blade’ sales) to allow them to ‘give’ more razors away.

if a price drop comes, it comes from Sony, who will do it b/c:
(1) it won’t hurt their profits
(2) it will hurt the GC and Xbox

just my opinion…ok, it’s a wish too! :o

as to whether they can get a sale like this done in the last 6 weeks of the year…no idea. isn’t there still a shipping strike going on? i know retailers accounted for this strike b/c places like Best Buy have gear for Xmas piled to the rafters in their stores.

I could see it happening. Sony might like to make sure the Xbox doesn’t gain any ground, and a cut to $149 for the PS2 would ensure this. An Xbox at $149 with the current bundle would be awfully attractive, but the PS2 still has the games everyone wants to play.

It’s still not to late to make the price cut. They could announce it the day before Thanksgiving still.

It’s already happened, sort of. was offering a free PS2 or Xbox if you signed up for their broadband service. I believe that offer is still in effect for another week or so.


Loyd Case

If I was offered a gratis night with a reputable ‘escort service’ when I purchased an X-Box and one game, I could be swayed to take that deal. Now to find a good excuse for my wife as to why it took me 4 hours to go out one night and purchase an X-box for Christmas.

I think I will pitch this idea to the Microsoft folks. And as payment for my hip and edgy marketing idea, I could ask for a gratis night with a reputable ‘escort service’.

The SeXbox! I’ll take two!

Now, Mark. I said an escort not a prostitute. All I would want would be tp enjoy a lovely evening with a lady friend and some pleasant conversation while playing Halo.

There’s an ad ov TV here for the XBOX with two games for $199. Sega GT and somethnig else I can’t recall. That’s gotta be getting close to the $150 mark if you tack the two games in there. That’s all I’ve seen though.