How Many Monitors?

I was listening to a GFW podcast this morning where they started discussing using multiple monitors on a PC. Now we know that Supreme Commander has support for multiple monitors, so someone thinks PC gamers are using more than one monitor. However, I’ve never seen any numbers to indicate how common multi-monitor use is. So I’m asking. How many monitors do you have attached to your PC?

I have two monitors attached to my primary productivity PC. I have one monitor attached to my gaming rig. I answered truthfully, but not the question you probably wanted answered :)

Two monitors, both at home and work, both locations set up the same way such that the second monitor is on a KVM and also acts as the sole monitor of a second system.

The main thing I’ve been using the second monitor for at home is for a web browser for things like Thottbot maps, while WoW plays on the primary monitor. Otherwise it doesn’t get used much, as it’s an old CRT that’s getting dim and a bit blurry in comparison to the LCD.

I find that a good widescreen monitor really obviates the need for two monitors in a lot of cases. And two monitors sucks anyway because it’s either split down the middle or its asymmetrical. What you really want is three monitors.

Nope, widescreen AND a second monitor. I need a place to drag “reference” windows.

Yeah, I probably should have posted that when I got my 22" Viewsonic widescreen I attached my old Dell 17" LCD to the VGA out. So now I use the Viewsonic as the primary monitor, and I keep the Dell around for browser and other windows. And I love it.

Of course, now it’s WoW on the primary monitor and thottbot/allakhazam on the side monitor. Which is daggone handy.

I really don’t anticipate using multiple monitors until games routinely start supporting them. It’s all too common for games to get totally wigged out by multiple monitors.


Like this!

Two Dell 20" widescreens :P
WoW open on the first one, Allakhazam/Thottbot and Ventrilo open on the second one (so I can see who’s talking). It was pretty useful when we were learning C’Thun or when I was handling DKP bidding

One at home (19" LCD) and two at work (20" LCDs).

One at home (20" LCD), and two at work (2 19" LCDs).

Technically two monitors. I say technically because one is directly attached to the notebook that powers the second monitor. So, one 15.4" 1680x1050 laptop widescreen for various chat windows and utility type applications, and one 24" Dell widescreen hooked up with extended desktop and Ultramon (great little utility) for the browser and full screen type productivity stuff.

One at home (24" LCD) and two at work (24" LCD and 17" LCD). Second monitors are great for stuffing all the reference thingys over there. At work I use the second monitor for web browser, bug-tracking software, IMs etc. I can’t be bothered with a second monitor at home since it takes up lots of desk space, and I’m trying to trim down the PC area.

Two 24" Dell widescreens, a 2405 and a 2407. Awesome.

Just a 22" widescreen for gaming. The other computer has a web browser handy
at all times on the other monitor.

I have two widescreens, the Dell 2407FPW (24") and 2005FPW (20") in a dual setup. Love it.

That’s almost my setup; I use a 24" cinema display and a Gateway FPD2185 (21"). My laptop is my third monitor.

This is the shit you need…

I can almost imagine a setup involving 3 720p front-projectors angled to provide a seamless picture. Which would be nearly 6 feet tall and 24 feet wide.

1 monitor. Won’t switch to 2 until I win the lotto.

That stuff is all analog. </snob>

I am currently surrounded by eight screens: seven monitors and one television. The seven monitors are attached to/connected to five different computers, three of which are usually in use at any point in time.

I haven’t used a tri-head system since 2000 or so, dual-head with modern resolutions is Good Enough. Although I do plan on migrating my primary workstation to dual 30"s by the end of the year…