How Many Monitors?

Do you win all the prizes? Tune in next week when…

I one-up you with two Dell 24" widescreens. Can’t resist how cheap these beautys are.

And on the left, my laptop as a third screen.

65" 1080p DLP ftw.

And, your point being?

Two widescreens, a Dell 2407 and a Dell 2005, both on DVI. Pretty good. I have both connected via DVI to my primary desktop, and I have the 2005 connected to an XPS M170 laptop that sits near my desktop via VGA. If I’m feeling excessive, I can hook up my 20" 4:3 TV to my desktop via S-Video, too, for three displays.

Hey, if you can’t see a difference on your equipment, who cares, right? Or did you not notice the snob tag… ;)

Bah, DLP sucks

Cool, this should devolve into a DLP debate.

BTW, Desslock, what do you mean by cheap for those monitors?

As for my answer, I just use one 22 inch WS. I’m not sure how I would even use/need a second monitor.

They frequently go on sale for cdn $650 (what’s that, about $550 US?), and I can’t imagine a better monitor - I just can’t believe how cheap top of the line monitors have become. By way of comparison, I spent $1600 for the top of the line Sony CRT back in the day.

I guess the snob tag works. You needed the “;)” to go with it though.

And I think I could live with using a VGA connection if it meant gaming on a 24-foot wide monitor.

1, but it’s a 1080p 47" monitor, so I’ll often be doing stuff like watching downloaded TV shows in media player on one half of the screen, while playing magic online on the other half.

I want to change my answer. I’m thinking about hooking up my old CRT alongside my WS. I want to play BG2 and older games, and they look like crap on my WS because it stretches them. When it’s not stretching, it’s in a window and looks VERY small.

Anything special I need to do, or do I just plug it in and the PC will know what I am up to?

edit: NM, I figured it out…just change my vote.

I have two computers with one monitor each, but I run synergy so I can copy/paste URLs between them, it all works out really well until you forget to disable synergy while playing an RTS and you minimize at the worst moment by scrolling your mouse off the side.

It minimizes just by going off the window?

If you click after going off the window, then, yes, it can. I haven’t seen this behaviour, but perhaps if you have some sort of setup where the focus is switched simply by mousing over a window (or the desktop) it might cause this behaviour, too.

I’ve had Titan Quest minimize like that from clicking on my second display because it doesn’t stop the mouse from going over to the other display upon reaching the edge. It doesn’t minimize from just mousing out, though; you actually have to click.

1 42" 1080p “monitor” attached to my computer.

Remember that old flight sim “Back to Baghdad” that let you hook up a monochrome monitor to work as your F-16’s MFD?

Ah, but those were the days, I tell ya!

Shit fuck, you bastards are all made of money.

I just have one weenie little 1280x1024 19 inch Samsung LCD. Got it years ago.

Maybe I’ll splurge on a proper widescreen monitor when I get my next major PC sometime next year (the Vista, quad-core, PCIe, DX10 upgrade). But fuck it, I’m still happily living in the past – I’m still thinking 1280x1024 is a big step up from 1024x768 :-P

After seeing all the shit that certain games (Oblivion, Gears of War) have had on the 360, I’m also a bit reluctant to go to widescreen PC, due to the number of old games & apps that will get all screwed up.

PC’s are actually smart and resolution is incredibly flexible - it isn’t like a console where all rendering is internally done at a preset resolution and then a scaler is employed to handle the actual output.

Tell that to old games that stretch all over the place (Baldur’s Gate was already mentioned). Sure, the PC may be smart, but the old apps are dumb.