How many more games will you buy in 2007?

Think about it. Balance your budget with your drooling crazed gamer fanboy (or fangirl) lust. Then put your stake in the ground, tell it like it is, and for good measure, get snarky in the thread.

(Yes, I stole this question from Voodoo Extreme.)

0-1 is my best guess. It’s already august, and as far as I can remember all I’ve bought is WoW TBC and some DAoC time.

Very few. I finally got bitten hard by the WoW bug. I can see this taking up my already meager gaming time for a number of months yet.

I’d say 2…Hellgate if it comes out and the NWN exp.

Lots, but the actual number depends on whether I can get my fucking copy of Vista to work.

Definitely Mario Galaxy and Smash Brothers Brawl, so I’ll say at least 2.

Edit: I picked more than 30 because why not. I keep a list of all the games I own anyway, so if I remember I’ll bump this thread on January 1st and see how close I was.

Arrgh, I guess I left out a 0 option. Oh well. Nothing like creating a poll to show you that you are unimaginative.

WoW is a brain-sucking zombie alien game of death.

Do you mean only new games, or any games? I buy lots of older or used games.

I mean any games. I want big numbers here, we haven’t broken 10 yet. Go on, make everyone quail before the might of your pending backlog!

Too many. :( I haven’t decided yet which ones I’ll actually buy, or what might get bumped to sometime-down-the-road, but I’ve got 15 titles expected this year on my keep-an-eye-on-these list.

I’ve already got pre-orders in on Halo 2 and Assassin’s Creed. I can see those occupying a goodly part of my fall/winter. I might pony up for one of either BioShock and/or Mass Effect, depending on the OMG reviews.

Not much time for Xbox these days, what with LoTRO sucking me in at night and my wife watching Big Brother on the Big TV.

probably 7-10

As per the other thread, BioShock, GTA IV and TF2 are must-haves, and Mass Effect is a very solid contender as well. I expect 2 more things will come from out of nowhere and be surprise must-haves as well …

Edit: damn it, Podunk. Add Mercs 2 to the must have, and Assassin’s Creed to the “very solid” list. So that’s 6 very likelies already, and incidentals (I hear Dawn of War is cheap now, and I want Trackmania United as well) will easily push it up to 10.

I have to answer in two parts:

1-2(3max) of current released games(FM2008/MTWII Expansion/Civ4). The mainstream is pretty yuk if your not a console lover, as has been the case for years, and I just get board quick with most console games.

30+ if I go on my back catalog of PC games and an essential selection of PS2 games(the PS2 will be my choice for this generation of consoles).

Halo 2? I have a copy right now that I’d be willing to sell you.

Yeah. Definitely Bioshock, Halo 3, GTA4, HL2 EP2 bundle, Left 4 Dead, UT3…aw, crap, there’s my six, and no room for Mercenaries 2, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect, Stranglehold and Kane & Lynch. Clearly, I’ll be picking these out of bargain bins for years to come.

<pedant> No, see, despite your zx81 old school cred, you can’t say the PS2 is your choice for THIS generation of consoles. The PS2 is from the LAST generation of consoles, even if you’re only choosing it now. Console generations are objective, not subjective. What you mean to say is “the PS2 is my console choice, and the current generation of consoles are weak sauce compared to the 250,000 excellent games it already has.” </pedant>

Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band… um… that’s it. (The bargain bin in my friend.)

Probably only 2 or 3, unless some stuff hits the bargain bin in December.

I can even name them:

NWN Expansion
Medieval 2:TW Expansion
Guild Wars Expansion

If Pirates of the Burning Sea or Gods and Heroes : Rome Rising manage to make it out of the gate before December 1st, they might have a shot at making my must have list, but the three above are total locks for my cash.

I just don’t have the time for anything new right now, and those are all add-ons for games that are eating up a lot of my time currently. I also still have Company of Heroes plus Oblivion and it’s many mods/expansion still waiting to be finished.

Kids, never grow up to get married and have kids, because a family just sucks the gaming life right out of you. Don’t make the same mistakes I did! Make Achievements not children!!!

Shit, Podunk, you’re making me revise my number upwards.

I chose four to six. I’m a PC gamer through and through, but I do own a Wii. I’m sure I’ll buy both Mario Strikers: Charged, and Mario Galaxy, maybe the new Metroid just to try a shooter on the Wii. For the PC, I’m not sure what’s coming out worth buying. I’ll pick up the Medieval Total War 2 expansion just because, but there isn’t much coming out for the PC that sets my heart aflutter.

To be honest, I picked up the Beyond the Sword expansion for Civ IV last night, and that’s probably all I’ll play. Perhaps I’ll resub to WoW for the dozenth time, and play for a few months. Tough to say.

The only PC games in the pipeline that I’m aware of and interested in are Dragon Age, and Sins of a Solar Empire.