How many of you

How many of you would like to see Daggerfall ported to the DS? I for one would love it. I enjoyed the game on the pc but wouldn’t mind playing it again on the DS. Hell I would steal my kid’s psp if it came out on that platform instead.

You know, I heard that Bethseda actually lost the master to Daggerfall when they changed offices.

That being said, I own neither handheld and Daggerfall wouldn’t be enough to motivate me to buy either. I’m pretty sure Dos Box is all thats needed.

I seriously doubt this would be fun. Daggerfall wasn’t really a great game when it came out and I think it’s probably very ill suited to the DS. I would welcome an Elder Scrolls game for the DS but I just don’t see it happening.

Eh? You don’t Bethseda making an DS TES game, or you don’t see any way to fit the gameplay experience of TES onto the DS? Because if its the former, remember Bethseda is the company that made a cell phone version of ES already. They love porting their franchise to new platforms, and with the sales of the DS, I’d say an Elder Scrolls game is inevitable at this point.

Was this the game that had dungeons that required cheat codes to beat?

Theoretically, no. Practically, yes, or you could wind up spending hours on Fetch-Me-A Quest #417 getting lost in the dungeon, if you managed to avoid falling through the floor.

I could see something like it fitting on the DS (d-pad for movement, triggers for two different melee attacks, choose four spells to bind to the buttons, stylus for other non-combat UI work), but not DF itself. We can do better now.

I’d pay $300 usd for daggerfall on DS.

Hell i’d pay £300 for a proper update(and finishing) of Daggerfall on PC!

I play(and have been for the last five years) it on my specialy built ‘Daggerfall custom made’ retro PC. Awesome game, never ending, tough as nails at times(but that doesnt matter due to the genius design of it being ok to fail most missions), epic in the true non-oblivion sense of the word.

Genius. And worth all the effort i put into being able to play it in a perfect non broken state(which i suspect is many peoples experience of it if trying it on XP or newer too fast machines). I ride around each province in real time. Its big and full of stuff.

Ditto, sir

The Elder Scrolls games would certainly be a great candidate for a Wii release given their action-based combat.

Both Arena and Daggerfall would make for good games on a portable device or the Wii, but I also had another thought. How well do do you think Darklands would do on a DS or PSP?

So far, I’ve not been crazy about first person combat on the DS. Neither Metroid Prime: Hunters nor Deep Labyrinth made me a believer.

I’d love a game as deep and open-ended as Daggerfall on the DS - it’s been my primary gaming system for almost six months - maybe Bioware (who are working on an unannounced DS title) can do something surprising for us.

zx81: I’ve been meaning to ask how you decided on a P200 for your “Retro PC”, given all the configurations that were possible from, say, the DOS 2.0 era all the way to the early days of Win95. Were you going for a setup that let you play the greatest number of XP-problematic games, or were you shooting for a machine optimized primarily for Daggerfall?

Wonderful project, though. If I had the time, I’d like to put together something that could run the last crop of Origin games, have 3dfx support for Longbow 2/GTA/Redguard, AND sport a Roland MT-32 and Gravis Ultrasound.

I will never forgive Daggerfall for the days I spent trying to find a Harpy Feather in the mind bogglingly complex 3D twisted pretzel of a dungeon. Just thinking about the map for it gave me a headache. Years later I found out there was a bug that placed the items outside of the dungeon geometry, so I was most likely looking for something that was impossible to find.

There where many cool things about Daggerfall, I was so excited for the first few days I played it, but it would have to be heavily updated to make me want to ever try and play it again.

There was a spell you could use to return to the entrance of the dungeon – no big deal. I liked Daggerfalls dungeons; they were large and had character. Insanity was the dominant characteristic, but still.

God, I hated that game. It was my first experience with a game so buggy it was unplayable for me. I can’t let that kind of grudge go.

They’d have to pay me to play Daggerfall again, let alone (attempt to) play it on the DS.

It was just… bad. Ultima Underworld 1&2, Lands of Lore, Might and Magic: World of Xeen, System Shock, and countless other first-person RPGs put that buggy stinker to shame.

Given how long you have to play through, don’t you think your arm would get really tired of having to point at shit to change your viewpoint around all the time?

I’d pay $300 for a fixed Daggerfall speed corrected for modern operating systems (dx port) and a construction set.

I love me some daggerfall, however, I’d rather see Ultima Underworld 1 and 2