How many operating systems do you use?

After having several friendly (hah!) discussions about why I like OSX, I thought I’d ask what ya’ll use at least once or twice a week. Here’s mine.

Windows XP - still my main OS, since I have to fix it every day for clients.

OS-X - still learning and tweaking it on my wife’s 17" Imac. Waiting to see what Apple will offer in the new Intel-chip powermacs. (Expandable desktops.)

Ubuntu “Breezy Badger” - Digging deeper into this all the time on an old P4 2.6C system.

Windows 98 - play older games once or twice a week.

Windows 2000 - still pretty solid and several clients use it.

All are networked for high speed internet and share a network storage drive for easy file sharing. So that’s a measly 5 OS’s for me. How about you?

xp and 2000.

WinXP for my home system (games)

XP, 2000, RHEL3, RHEL4, RH7.3, FC2, FC3, FC4 at work. And if I get around to an upgrade today, FC5 as well.

WinXP and <3 AmigaOS <3


OS X predominately, with the occasional bit of Windows for gaming.

WinXP for games, OS X for everything else.

XP Pro, XP MCE, XP Home on my work, gaming, and laptop rigs respectively.

Before I bought my house I roomed with 2 other dudes (insert joke). We had a home network set up, which was funny to do, because I had XP, one guy had Me, and the other 2K. Many Bothans died and I learned much about their subtle differences that day.

Windows XP Pro SP2, though I’ll switch to dogfooding Vista once Beta 2 is released.

When nostalgia strikes, Commodore Basic V2 and AmigaDOS 2.04 under emulation. :)

XP Pro (gaming box), Slackware (server), and OS X (laptop) at home.

At work, the boxes in my office are XP Pro, Server 2003, and Fedora Core 4, though I sometimes have to fiddle with some other systems, including Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and z/OS.

XP and Ubuntu simultaneously, using coLinux. By running a Cygwin X server, I have a unified gnome & XP desktop. Awesome stuff.

ooo, if we can include “sometimes have to fiddle” I can add Tru64 5.1A, HP-UX, and HP NSK.

  1. OS X
  2. XP
  3. OS X with XP in a window (Parallels)

By choice? Only 2000. Still the best MS OS ever, far better than the dumbed-down candy-coated shit that is XP.

Having said that, I still am forced to use XP at work and on my Tablet PC, and I have a 486 running DOS and a Mini-ITX box running Linux.

Same here, plus an Ubuntu installation that handles my in-home file server and a couple other tasks.

I pretty much use XP everywhere now. I have dabbled with lunix since '97 or so, but I have never been able to stand it as a primary machine. When I was a sysadmin Knoppix came in handy regularly.

I can’t afford a Mac. Of course, I won’t be able to afford Vista either.

In college (M.S. in CompSci) I used shell accounts to Solaris, Fedora, and Gentoo boxes. Now that I’m out doing IT stuff, I just work on an SAP terminal most of the time. I dunno what the backend for that is.

XP Pro at home; XP Pro, 2k3 Server, 2k server, OS/400 at work.

Tell ya what, you want to learn to type faster? CL environment FTW baby.


I will never cease to be amazed by the tantalizing vectors that our collective virtual taxonomies follow.


XP Pro / XP Home / OSX

…um, and whatever my PS2 uses! ;-)

XP, Windows 2003, FC4, RHEL4, HP-UX 11.0.