How many operating systems do you use?

Xp and Xp only.

Holy crap, how can you people be using 6+ OSes at once? Just Fedora Core 5, Windows XP, and Windows XP Tablet for me :-.

Using at once, no. Using all within the space of one day, sure.

Those huge lists look impressive but really this whole thread boils down to Windows??, *nix, MacOS, and a few proprietary IBM/HP oddballs.

WinXP for games and the odd TV show. Ubuntu Server 6.06 beta on a
Jabber/Samba/NFS server (still fiddling with it). Debian, soon to be exorcised
and replaced with Kubuntu, on the computer where actual work happens.

If places of employment count, it’ll soon be various RedHat and Debian incarnations
on top of what I use at home.

Does whatever OS my razr have count? :D

XP professional on laptop, XP home on my main gaming computer…still have ME (ulp!) on an older computer that I have hooked up in a LAN connection that I use to play games like Battlefield 1942, Diablo 2, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft with wife/friends.

OS X for work and most home use.

Occasionally Win XP Home for gaming but most gaming has now moved to my Xbox/Xbox360

XP and Gentoo

XP x64 until recently when it started going a bit wierd on me.
XP home now.
Vista beta…well…I don’t do much with it. I hope to get into actually testing it sometime later. (My friend uses the 32 bit version and says the sound is fine, but I only use the 64 bit version so wotevah)

At Home
I use WinXP mostly because I don’t have the time or equipment right now to easily back up my HD to get rid of it. Plus, I had to admit when it came out, it’s really not a bad OS. Plus games. Still, I do not intend to ever again buy Windows. I’ll just rely on (and maybe help edit/customize) Cedaga or Wine for the games.

My favorite main-use OS is Debian Linux (Etch distro). I use it instead of Ubuntu due to its greater flexibility… though if anyone new to Linux asks me to recommend a Distro, I always say Ubuntu. But Debian is the perfect general-use operating system for me. I also enjoy tinkering around with Slackware, but Slack simply isn’t convenient for everyday use, period, unless you don’t need to tweak it or add/remove programs very often. Otherwise you end up spending a ton of time getting it all configured. Very useful for tinkering and learning the ropes, though.

At Work
I work at my Uni’s IT Dept. My current “job” (not technically my job, but they’re having me do it since htey found out I can) is to customize and streamline the Best Practical Request Tracker for their use, and to that effect a co-worker and I have set up two test serveres. We first tried it with Slack, but the dependencies were getting pretty crazy, so we set up a Debian and Ubuntu machine, and work on both. I also put Ubuntu on any specific-use machine there (the main desktops we use need to have Windows and OS X so we can support them).

I have actually very recently been trying to delve into OS X as much as I can. Once I looked under the hood, I gained a lot of respect for how it’s set up. And now that Mac is going x86, OS X will be able to run a huge amount of Linux programs, taking away its lack-of-software weakness. I mainly use it at work because a) the Macs we have are really nice and b) we’re encouraged to get to know Mac better, against some of our instincts. I’m one of the people who has taken to it rather well.

So, in other words… I use pretty much everything, but I’m definitely a Linux guy.

Well at work I work on all the windows OS’s Including Server OS’s.
I also have a Linux VPN server running Ubuntu Dapper Drake. For my personal computers I have a Fedora Core 5 file server, which shares files with Xbox Media Center, an HTPC running XP Pro with SageTV as the frontend, 2 XP Pro laptops, and a Fedora core 4 webserver. Also I have Windows CE running on 2 devices, and PalmOS on one.

Some of the OS’s I use alot less frequently are VAX, Unix, OSX, Solaris and on very rare but joyous occasions… UNICOS/lc.

Basically I am a glorified Computer Tech. You break em, and I fix them.
In my down time I staff on one of the largest UO Freeshards in the world.