How Many Sims games are coming out soon?

At least 6. EA has decided to let the flood games open on Sim titles.

Sims 3
MySims (a version just for the pc)
MySims Kingdom
Sim Animals
MySims Party
Sim City Creator

The sad thing is I’ll probably get them all. :\

wtf is sim city creator?

At first I thought this was a typo, but now I’m not so sure…

You forgot The Sims Carnival SnapCity, and The Sims Carnival BumperBlast.

And I don’t even know what either of them are!

EDIT: Ah, there we go. And don’t forget about the ironically titled Sims2: FreeTime, while you’re at it.

I’m still holding out for a porn version. And not that crappy quasi-Sims game that came out a few years back (forgot the name.) I want something good!

From the release date given for Sim City Creator(before spring 2011), it sounds like it’s the next legitimate Sim City game

Settle down in here you roustabouts! You shouldn’t be reading those analyst reports! Its not for you! :)

Its not complicated, we are actually launching less skus this year than last.

For the Sims 2 game there is no news apart from the wonderful Freetime (you can be a gamer in it for crying out loud, why do you hate gamers?). Thats it for the Sims 2 in terms of new stuff. For Sims 3 there will be new information soon.

For our latest original game, MySims we are following on from the success of our launch last autumn (over 3M sold so far) with MySims Kingdom and Party (details to follow).

Our latest new game SimAnimals will be announced with games press partners later. But the title should tell you a lot.

No information on SimCity Creator right now.

And yes we do have other things coming, The Sims Label was created to innovate, make original games and take creative risks with older ones. Its what we do. No apologies.

Any chance EA Link is going bye-bye and you guys will jump on Steam anytime soon? Please say yes. :(

How about dropping me an email on how many subscribers The Sims Online still has?


Definitely looking forward to Sims2: FreeTime… I’m quite the expansion pack addict in that game.

And the next mainline Sims and SimCity games, but I expect those to be 2009-2010 at the earliest…

Also don’t forget the recently released Sims: Castaway Stories.

Glad to hear MySims is doing well!

Hopefully it will be a bit more balanced than Sim City 4.

The Sims is a division now, just like EA Games and EA Sports.

Thanks for the coverage John!

And now something I have wanted to do for a long time. Create an internet feedback loop.

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balanced how? sim city is a sandbox.

How about Sim Intelligent Creator - that’s bound to sell like hotcakes in the US. That Spore thing looks downright heretic.

The screaming noise you hear in the distance is the internet’s cogs whirring towards self-destruct.


And now we link to this thread, thus creating a blackhole in the internet that will destroy the universe.

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Can I note that I was first? RPS-WINNAH.


Maybe when you make your species it will be. Nobody will be able to say mine wasn’t made by intelligent design.

I remember an interview with Will Wright in a very, very old copy of PC Format, in which he talked about linking up all the old Sims games into one ultra-mega-planet-sim. I was ten years old, and this really did excite me.

I figure that given the current output of the Sims label, it might be closer than ever. When it happens, I really want the press release to be titled

MySims 3 Animal Kingdom Party City Creator Open For Business.