How many Steam games do you own in 2017?


I realized I was sitting at 399 so I decided to grab Reign for $2.99 to make it an even 400.


I’ve come so far, yet so much is left to be bought. sigh


I own 318.


Lately the Humble Monthly (lovely curation) and Steam sales have pushed me past 1300


I’ve never gotten a Humble Monthly, because I dislike the blind surprise nature of them. I’ve got enough games that I know I want to play that I don’t need to take a flyer on games I may want to play.

But with Xcom 2 as the feature game of this month? I may take a crack. $13 for Xcom 2 is probably good enough for me, even if I hate literally every single other game in the list.


I absolutely share that view of the Humble Monthly, thank you for putting into words.


“only” 549. Not sure whether I should feel like a winner or a loser with that :)


“The only way to win …”


315 games, 316 DLC. I need to buy a game to make them even.


762, which I thought would be on the high side. I’m surprised to see such high numbers. I only have another 160ish on my wish list and I’m pretty sure that’s the extent of what I would want out of Steam, save for any new releases.


Some of these DLC counts are way higher than I would have guessed. I’ve got 626 games in Steam, but have no idea how many DLC there are. How do you find how many of them total you have?


Your steam community profile


Just under 200 for me and I know that I have never even installed at LEAST half of them. I had no idea I was such a light weight until I read this though. Makes me feel pretty good to be honest, now I can buy more games without guilt!


Hit 1000 today with a Humble Bundle.

“Games Industry Guardian” is a weird Steam badge.


Nope, still feel empty inside.


It goes up to Gaming God after a while.


And then, strangely, it goes back down a notch, to “Collection King”.


I’ve 376 games with 398 DLC (!!), mostly from all the bundle buying, like others. I was actually pretty proud of my ability to hold off on buying games but I guess I’m in the biggest group (as of now). I will never finish what I have, wonder if anyone has enough time to manage a 100% completion rate if they have hundreds of games.


Where on Steam do you look up DLC count?


Pull up your profile (not your library).