How many tables will you eventually own for Pinball FX3?


Yes, this is a crap tournament @tomchick. Can we have one based on some semblance of actual skill?


Holy crap. I’m unfriending all of you so I can retain some semblance of virtual pinball self-worth. Those scores are insane.


If anybody is interested I started a single ball classic mode Infinity gauntlet tournament.


Consider it an endurance challenge. The 24 Hour Le Mans of pinball!



I hate to quote myself, but…


Well, it certainly isn’t too easy to stay alive on that one, with two greedy outlanes and a kickback that’s hard to activate reliably. I managed 38M (with a 46M that got eaten by some network issue), but I’m sure someone can top that.

For whatever reason, your tournament didn’t show up using the friends filter even though we’re friends on Steam, but I was able to join by typing in your name.


That’s weird. Maybe I setup something wrong. I was a little surprised there wasn’t a “Friends Only” option when setting up a tournament. You basically have private which means people have to use a password, or everybody.


So far, the most consistant way to be sure to spot a tourney has been to add Thraeg to my friends’ list.


Oh man, when I complained about Paranormal being toothless other than as an endurance challenge, I didn’t know the half of it. I decided to go post a quick decent score in classic mode before my muscle memory decayed. Turns out that when you’re not in single-ball challenge, there’s a repeatable extra ball award from clearing the mansion. So I’m currently on ball 1 with 100M, and 5 extra balls banked. I could probably stay on this table until the heat death of the universe, so it’s no surprise that the top scores on the global leaderboards are north of 2 billion. I might be able to top that, but I’m not going to put in a full 8-hour work day to find out.


Wow. I kept hearing the extra ball pop sound I thought and if that actually meant I should have been getting an extra ball that would be insane.


Extra balls are capped at a mere 15 (5 per ball) for Paranormal. I challenge you to complete this table before Half Life 3 is released!


Two more tables can be owned. Zen has released a new free two-pack. (Free for a limited time.). The tables are Son of Zeus and Adventure Land. Adventure Land is the kind of uber-bright and colorful table I normally love. However my first play through (on Xbox) gave me video game motion sickness for the first time in years!


Played both of the new tables on Switch earlier. Adventure Land seemed pretty fun at first blush. Son of Zeus is horribly claustrophobic and the vocals are annoying. Wouldn’t be in a hurry to play that again.

I was playing on Switch in portable mode, horizontally, which worked better than I would have expected. Looking forward to trying the vertical mode. Thinking about buying the basic pack with all the classics (Tesla, etc)


I like Son of Zeus a lot. The vocals are super cheeseball which I like. The table seems very challenging. I spent 3 hours or so trying to take down @Thraeg’s score in single player, managed to get within 4 million.


Hey, check your Steam inventory folks. I just got a bunch of 80% off coupons on Pinball FX3 tables I don’t have. I think I may end up with like 10 new tables out of this.


Be careful though with the coupons. For instance, I got a coupon for the Medieval Pack (Epic Quest and King Arthur). Steam says I don’t own them, but I do.

Come on, who doesn’t already own Epic Quest!


From the FX3 steam page:

Hi everyone!

I am very happy to bring you good news about one of the most discussed issues since we launched Pinball FX3. You have reached out to us about something that affected a number of you guys, and we’ve come up with a solution we hope can resolve this.

The completionists among you told us that you have had some trouble filling in your Pinball FX3 library with the introduction of table packs. For example, there was no way for you to purchase Rogue One without paying for the pack that includes Rebels, which you already owned and imported from Pinball FX2.

As of now, you should start to see coupons in your Steam inventory if you have owned certain Pinball FX2 tables.

You will receive an 80% pack discount coupon for each of the following tables:

Fantastic Four
Captain America
Doctor Strange
Civil War
Guardians of the Galaxy
Age of Ultron
Earth Defense

You will receive a 75% pack discount coupon for each of the following tables:

Star Wars™ Pinball: Star Wars Rebels™
Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One™
Epic Quest

Let me give you an example in the use of these coupons:

You owned Fantastic Four and Captain America from the Marvel Legends pack. You will receive TWO 80% discount coupons for the Marvel Legends pack. This means, you can buy the missing Doctor Strange table for a very discounted price and still surprise a friend with some great value pinball!

These coupons will be live for only three weeks, so make sure to use them to complete your collections!

We would like to thank you for your patience and your drive to complete your Pinball FX3 collections. And we hope you’ll have fun with the tables you haven’t experienced before!

All the best,

Zen Team


Ah, so they’re not done sending out coupons. Good. I was wondering why I didn’t get any last night after I read charmtrap’s post.


Yeah same. I have both Excalibur and Epic Quest from FX2, still got a coupon for the pack.


If anybody is interested, I have coupons for “Medieval Pack” (75% off Epic Quest and Excalibur), “Marvel Legends Pack” (80% off Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Fantastic Four), and “SciFi Pack” (80% off Mars, Paranormal, and Earth Defense). I already have all those tables!

Hit me up, I’m elsquonk on Steam. Coupons are good until 2/15.