How many tables will you eventually own for Pinball FX3?


I forgot to mention … nice score there sabersnail!



I don’t know about being in the buggy one or not, but boy, is that launch troublesome: sometimes I get 46 tables, sometimes only 30 (they even took away my beloved Fear Itself and Moon Knight once!)


Pish. Anyone can do that. In fact, even I can do it. Sometimes.



Classic play is the only way to go. Count me out of the unlocked table score boosting upgrades.


Thanks! I’m not sure what happened. I just got in the zone and the ball wouldn’t leave the playfield.


I created a dedicated FX3 tournament / scores topic since it feels weird to have the next 4 years of pinball FX3 scores attached to this launch topic.


1up-ed Mars.


I posted this in the FX2 thread the other day not realizing we had an FX 3 one.

Anybody else having lag issues when the tables get busy. I’ve noticed it bad in tables like Castle Siege during multi-ball.

Also I need to see if there is a way to turn off all the annoying popups. I liked it better in FX2 where you just got the popup when you were close to beating someones score.

Another minor annoyance is you have to type in your name via keyboard for local highscores. I’m pretty sure you could do it via the controller last version.


Yes, you can turn off pop-ups in the menu, and doing that helped a lot with the stuttering for me.


Can you turn off the XP popups but keep the highscore popups?
Sorry, I’m at work so I can’t check this out myself right now.


Yes they’re separate menu items. But I was still getting stuttering even with just the score pop-ups.


I turn off all pop-ups and the music (and replace with some of my “jams”). Helps me focus.


Supposedly the stuttering when doing anything that would cause a popup (even if the popups are turned off) has been improved with the update that just released. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but people seem to be saying it’s better but not all the way fixed.


Don’t tell my wife… I convinced her the stuttering was a sufficient reason to get a new graphics card. :)


I’m not sure I actually like FX3. They’ve basically made the core loop of beating friends high scores even more annoying and opaque than FX2. It’s the best part of the game and they’ve hidden it behind way too many menus and UI in general.

When at a game over screen I only want to see my score, and the leader board. FX3 absolutely belabors showing you your final score to the point of absurdity. You upgraded your bonuses! Do you want to change your active bonuses? Now here’s your score rolling into existence with no way to speed up the process. Then, if you want to see how you did on the leaderboard you need to back out of the table entirely.

Similarly the new table select screen is clunky as heck, and only shows you the high score when you select a table, and selecting single player. It’s somehow a downgrade from the old UI, which was at best not actively awful.

Also a totally minor thing, but on the leaderboard screen you need to actually select a table with A in order to see the leaderboard, instead of just hovering over it. Why? Just show me the highlighted leaderboard. Also why can’t I launch a game from the leaderboard screen? That seems like a no-brainer.

Like, why is this so hard? Beating your own or other people’s high scores is the basic “hook” to pinball IMO and FX3 somehow makes that even more annoying. The quick play things on the “dashboard” screen had promise, but don’t really live up to it. Here are the things that I want to be super obvious and immediate in the UI: which tables do I have the high score on? Which tables has someone beat my high score? Which tables do I have no score at all on? It’s really not that hard. FX3 has made all of that even more hidden than in 2.

As for the non-UI stuff. The new single player gameplay mode is lame as hell. Power ups, really? Hell, I understand trying to make the tables more accessible, but the power ups don’t even do that really. The power ups that would make the tables easier are actually pretty difficult to unlock. If you’re good enough to unlock the wizard power ups you probably don’t need them at all.

I really like the new challenge modes though, I think those are a great addition. One ball and timed are fairly different beasts from a regular play.

The “Matchup” thing makes no sense to me whatsoever. It just seems a bit grindy, since your score is largely a factor of how much you play, not how well you do. I don’t really see myself paying much attention to it. I haven’t dug into tournaments much yet, but it’s certainly a welcome addition.

Overall kind of a mixed bag. Most of the update is the new UI and it’s pretty awful IMO so… what’s the point?


I’d like the new graphic engine with the old UI.


And the powers require grinding for maximum effect. I think I like the simplicity of classic play better, but the new boosted modes do make for some interesting challenges.


I still see more friend scores on the now perk mode than I do classic. I’m still working my way from left to right putting a score up on both modes.I’m in the Marvel section now. I had to skip over the Bethesda section since I don’t have any of those tables. I’ve seen that some of you have put up some really good scores - @scharmers was the most recent one I’ve seen - I think on the Avengers table.

I’m pretty much doing one try and moving on until I get scores up on all the tables I own. I do restart if my first ball sucks. After I make my rounds I’ll probably pick a table I like and concentrate on that. I prefer the tables where it is clear what to do just by looking at the table as I don’t tend to look at the table guide. There are some that I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.


I’m doing the same thing Rob. Just going table to table playing 1 game and then when I post a score in each I’ll go back and concentrate on one to raise my score.

With that said, I beat your V12 score and was 2000 short of your Tesla score. The Tesla game I got virtually no points on my 2nd ball so I should have had that score too.


Arggg, I hate Tesla. On that table it could take 5 minutes to get 2000 points. - I exaggerate, but you probably know what I mean :-)