How many times has your Xbox 360 died?

Let’s get some anecdotal evidence from the hardcore L33t!

zero times

pc for life! or until the wii virtual console is shown to be awesome!

Poll up now… clearly it’s aimed at peeps who actually own one.

Your mistake. I predict inaccurate results!

360 = Never
Xbox = Once
PS1 = Once
PS2 = Twice
Dreamcast = Never

I don’t have a 360, but this poll matters to me because I plan to get one eventually. So by ‘died’ do you mean had to be completely replaced, just crashed and had to be rebooted, or needed to be repaired in some way?

Repaired or replaced.

I have a launch 360 and it has thus far given me no problems. But my launch Xbox lasted years past everyone else’s before it too succumbed to the Thompson drive curse.

And I wonder what the numbers would be in comparison to our PC experiences?

For the most part, my console experience has been pretty stable. Heck, I’d be happy if half of my electronics lasted as long and were as stable.

Never died. Frozen up close to a dozen times now. Almost Windows-like.

I’ve been reading all this anecdotal evidence of people getting it replaced 3 or 4 times… but not here!

ps1 x2
ps2 x1

no other consoles have ever failed on me.

Don’t have one :/

PC gaming (and DS) until either the PS3 comes out and I like it, or the PS3 comes out and I don’t like it (at which point I’ll consider whether to buy a 360 instead — Live sounds cool — or continue my console drought).

I’m on my third PS2 in as many years. My other consoles have been fine, but then again I only used a PS1 for two years.

360 – has been fine.
Xbox – the DVD on one of mine died.
PS2 – still on my first but the fan makes a horrible clatter now.
Gamecube – had to return the first one (used via gamestop) the second gets used so infrequently it better not break.

launch 360 - no problems
launch Xbox w/ Thompson drive - no problems
launch PS2 - no problems
PSX - no problems
GC - no problems

I’m shocked that my GC still works. A few years ago I was traveling quite a bit for work and would take the GC with me to play in the hotel room in the evening. I’d just throw it in my suitcase with a controller and make sure it was surrounded by clothes. It still works like a champ, despite the best efforts of baggage handlers.

For all the grief they’re getting on their blue-ray technology, I also don’t think Sony will ship a sometimes working PS3.

They’ll either work out the bugs or just not ship it. These things are pretty heartily tested before going out the door. And if they’re not working or are too sensitive, they’ll find a way to fix 'em.

They’re always checking if the “dolphin is still swimming” so to speak.

Consoles, for the most part, are reliable.

My 360 occasionally gives me a drive read error out of nowhere when I’m playing Oblivion, and it’s given me one once when I was playing Hitman: Blood Money.

Other than that, it works fairly well. I’m thinking it may need a new drive at some point, though.

I went through 2 PS1s and 2 PS2s and they represent the ONLY consoles I’ve ever had die on me – I even have an Atari 2600 which sitll works perfectly. Never had any problems with my Xbox (though it was not a launch unit) or Gamecube after years of service.

The fact that both Playstations have needed replacement for me is at least 50% of the reason the high price tag for the PS3 is a NO SALE – I’m too worried my $600 purchase will die 2 months after the warranty is up and I’ll own enough games that I feel compelled to plunk down for another.

Fuckin’ Sony.