How many times have you seen Avatar (in theaters) if any?

A discussion has been spawned out of the fact Avatar made some money fast. So your vote in this moderately boring poll will be most helpful in testing a theory about how could this happen, thank you.

Zero. In before the poll! :)

That’s what happens when you take your time pondering the options’ descriptions. ;)

Once. I don’t plan on seeing it again soon (that’s good money!) but as memories of the visuals fade that may change. This was the first movie I’d ever seen with the new 3-D tech and it kind of blew my mind.

Twice. Not because I’m a raging fanboy or anything (although I did enjoy the movie), but I had originally wanted to see it in 3D. However, after never being able to find a 3D showing that was not sold out, I ended up catching it in 2D with my friends.

Seeing the visuals only increased my desire to see it in 3D, so I ended up seeing it again this past weekend. Was worth the money, I really like what he did with the technology.

Twice so far. Once with my wife and a friend, then again while I was on vacation to take my Dad and son for a three-generation sci-fi bonding experience.

I won’t be going out of my way to see it again in the theater, but I wouldn’t object to going again if someone else suggests it.

Plan is too strong a word, but I still picked “saw it and plan on seeing it again.”

A more apt description would be “saw it and considering” seeing it again. If I could get the whole family moving in the same direction, we could make the 3D show a family outing.

Saw it for the first time this past weekend and while I enjoyed Cameron’s new tech for the big screen I just didn’t feel that same OMGWTF! that experienced when I saw the dinos in Jurassic Park. So no repeat viewings for me unless there’s a blowjob involved.

Why can’t this be a public poll?

Saw it once in 2D, hope to see it in 3D but not going out of my way.

As of now zero times, but I will probably see it this week. Given it’s 3D focus, waiting for it on cable or renting seems rather pointless.

Same here – the poll could’ve used a “zero, but planning to see it soon” option.

Where’s the option for ‘Four, but considering seeing it again’?

One (and I don’t think I will be seeing it again anytime soon)

I loved Avatar, but I’m not the repeat-movie-watcher type. I mean, I do rewatch great movies, but years later, not days/weeks later.

I don’t remember seeing an option for that on the creation screen.

That’s because repeated viewings are the main focus.
While other qualities may be arguable, it’s a good visual spectacle, so it is kinda assumed most people will see it sooner or later if they have the opportunity. I could have included another option for clarity, though, right.

Zero and no interest in ever seeing it should have been an option


I want to see it but every time I try to make plans, the stupid iMax theatre is sold out. Damned xmas holidays!

Is this the movie that furry fetishers made?

Two. Second time (for me and my daughter) to see it in IMAX and bring the son. Didn’t get a feel that IMAX was so much better than “Real-3D” or whatever I saw it in the first time but there you are. Would see again but… you know… money.