How many times will you buy the next Trackmania?

I don’t think they marketed this at all well (typical Nadeo). After looking into it a bit I realized you get 100 official maps + 365 tracks (1 per day) per year for 10 USD (that you keep forever after your subscription expires) which is very reasonable. It’s also a non-repeating subscription so you manually pay for a year and then will have to manually renew it when it expires.

First impressions:
I like the new flat look, it’s very clean and neat. Physics are awesome as always. I even like the soundtrack. I mean they’ve been remaking the same game since, what 2003 so they should be pretty good at it by now. It’s more Trackmania. If you enjoyed the others then you’ll enjoy this too.

Here’s the community version of the earlier matrix:

Jeff on GiantBomb said the game itself is the best yet, but the front end is atrocious.

Man, this thing has about sold me on the $30 for a year level. I’ve been playing the free edition off and on all day. So simple yet fantastic! I’d played one of the earlier TMs a loooong time ago, but don’t remember it being so much fun.

So, I can create skins for my car using the free version but I can’t use them? That seems odd, though playing with it has made me want to pony up if I have to to use my skins. It’s not clear using the above graph, but to use cosmetics I have to do the $30 version? Or is that to use downloaded skins and stuff? And can I use my own created skins in the free or middle tier and am I just missing how?

EDIT: yes, the front end is kinda butt. It doesn’t help that my PC uses a MS controller layout and my console use these days is Switch so the buttons are all wrong.

Rocket wheels that popped out during a massive jump where I was heading off course. This. This is what sold me. And yes, you do have to get the $30 version to apply skins to your car. Considering how much they give you for free, I figure it’s worth it to throw some money at them. The cost presentation is kinda boffo though.

Any idea if the skins will stay applied to your vehicle(s) when you subscription runs out?

I know the tracks you get with the two higher levels stay with you. I’m not seeing the skins do though. Still, I can understand them wanting to spread out their income with relatively cheap sub. I prefer it to micro transactions for sure. But it obviously comes across poorly and isn’t for everyone.