How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?

Whew! That’s solved. Now, on to making more money!

And Bobby lives to fight another day!

Yahoo Finance weighs in.

Slightly off-topic, but I find it kind of fascinating that Yahoo Finance is still very much a trusted and active news source for investor types.

I don’t understand why anyone would expect The Game Awards to say anything about this.

Absolutely shocking

It will be interesting to see how many Activision games trailers there are during it though.

The employees just went on strike.

Seeing King in there makes me realize an extra layer of scum and villainy in that org.

I’d tell folks to solidarity/boycott and all that, but I suspect most of us are already doing that, and they haven’t invented the double boycott yet.

Boycott HARDER!

Haha, it’s like King gives us hardcore gamers an escape hatch. “I already refuse to play that free-to-play garbage! Take that, Kotick!”

Now would be the time to boycott, in solidarity with a strike, or if you can’t boycott, drop some bucks to the striking worker’s fund.

Before today, the only thing your boycotts did was hurt the workers. :(

I wish I had something of Activision to boycott! I don’t like Call of Duty and I’m not playing WoW, which pretty much eliminates 90% of their catalog.

Guess I’ll just have to throw a few bucks their (ABK Worker’s Alliance) way. Just maybe not Rowan Rowden level of bucks.


Activision with some classic union-busting

BTW, Bulatao was a member of Trump’s state department before becoming Chief Administrative Officer for ABK.

Yeah, that’s straight out of the union-busting playbook all right, the whole “Right to Work” malarkey that presents fundamentally unequal and inequitable individual negotiation as superior to collective bargaining, because freedom or something. Blech.

Yeah, he was Mike Pompeo’s boy, protecting him from investigations when he led the CIA. This sort of thing isn’t necessarily a sign of political allegiance from Actiblizzard, it’s very common to hire former high-level political appointees for executive jobs for the cachet they provide, and Brian had real executive experience.

“Signing an electronic form!”

Poor Diablo gets no respect.

Yeah but there’s not much cachet from being a former high level Trump official. Might be just the opposite.

My attempted Activision boycott continues to go very very poorly. First I got Diablo 2 Resurrected in 2021, and then right at the end of the year, I got Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which I honestly didn’t even realize was an Activision published game in the U.S. until after I bought it and fired it up and saw the Activision logo as the first thing.