How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?


Well yes, but that’s a solid ~40% of the population, so it’s pretty normal.


Like “liberal” it’s a kneejerk reaction triggering slur for that forty percent who will have no desire to understand it


Sorry man that really sucks.


Also similar: South Vietnamese who escaped Communist Vietnam to the US/Canada elsewhere will forever hate communism, which also bleeds over into “socialism” which they also have a blind spot for even though they benefit from “democratic socialism” in western democracies.


@John_Doyle I’m very sorry you have to go through this, especially if you have to relocate. I hope things turn out strong for you and wish I could do something personally to help.


I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you well.


I am not american. I am from a country that until march 1990 was called “Czechoslovak Socialist Republic”. To me, capitalism with social net is capitalism. Socialism is what was attempted in my country as a way to get to communism that resulted in lot of the bullshit that always results whenever it is attempted.


This is a fantastic point. One of my old bosses was born in South Vietnam and she is of the same opinion, that socialism is close to communism and thus bad. Her living in the US has nothing to do with that as most of her opinion of the situation is through her experience in Vietnam.


Fire Bobby Kotick!

(Although he’s the symptom and not the cause of the disease.)


I am really sorry to hear that. I hope that you find a new opportunity soon.


You and me both, @JoshoB

While I am not sure of the detailed histories of the USA and Europe (with regard to labor law), I think that massive strikes by workers in Europe forced companies to agree to their reasonable demands.

Here in the states, unions and strikes were broken up by the government or their membership slowly whittled away (like the auto workers’ union… sent jobs to Mexico and other lower-cost nations).

But I think this would be a discussion for a different thread :-)


Free-market capitalism depends on regulation to an extent as well, but that is also somehow socialism.


Makes sense.


Geez @Telefrog, didn’t you read the Reddit thread?

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I wish more people grasped this (And I spend time talking to “libertarian” business owners who either don’t, or do and like any system giving them more cash, or in some cases I suspect couldn’t compete as well if the playing field was level.).

Free market is great, and it helps make lots of things work. But it isn’t rocket science, that the scales in the market must be fair, and the market must be open to all products to work. There need to be rules about behavior too (anyone that has played even an in-game auction house knows how to manipulate it I suspect). If the transactions are unfairly priced or the ability to use the market is not equitable then the free market doesn’t work. It is no longer a “free” market but a “corrupt” market and once prices skew the allocation and competition benefits of the system are impaired. I dislike how making a free market truly competitive gets shouted out as “socialism”.

And for some things, free market isn’t the right call. Sometimes is it “socialism”. Having house insurance, and rules on contractor price gouging after a disaster is “socialism”. But most people like insurance and rules on post-disaster price gouging.

But no they go back to here …


No, but I didn’t need to. My “makes sense” was probably a little vague, but I meant that in a “this is standard filing text, etc” way.

That said, it’s not nothing. The article is obviously slanted to get clicks, but the filing warning is news to a lot of people, (maybe not here) that cutting staff is not an automatic budget win for any company.


My company is public and I know there’s a GIANT BLACK HOLE in our 10-K filing.

If really bad shit happens, people will be going to jail.


Have you told the SEC?


Why would Alabama be interested?


Speaking of evil, this article is pretty shocking. Employers, including Activision-Blizzard, are tracking their employees health through an opt-in app that pays them $1/day. ActiBlizzard allegedly uses that aggregate data to monitor pregnant employees and try to get them back to work as soon as possible.

And of course while the app’s data is anonymized, your employer has plenty of other data to correlate to it, and can trivially find your identity.