How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?

It wasn’t the same woman where they passed around nudes of her at a company party?

People are still trying to excuse Blizzard and Activision being separate companies when the merger occurred over a decade ago.

The discovery for this is going to be brutal. People don’t realize that deleting your email doesn’t really delete it. They are going to hoover up a ton of damning evidence.

This is also not likely to just end in a fine. I’ve been involved in a situation the AG’s office came down on someone for. Now, the AG isn’t involved, but you can expect a court-ordered independent audit and documentation of sustained business process change if they lose.

It was.

I thought so. Trying to claim her suicide had no relation to work abuse is utter BS.

Several news stories said it was, but if you read the complaint it does not say nor imply it. The women who killed herself was on a business trip with a male supervisor who brought a buttplug and lube. I’m not sure why that was pertinent, that he was planning to take a roadtrip down the Hershey highway, and they don’t actually say the executive harassed her either, which read really weird. Maybe he liked to put a plug in when pleasuring himself, who knows?




Doesn’t sound remotely like a “thing in the past”.
Especially that last part that says they’re still doing it.



It says

Specifically, at a holiday party before her death, male co-workers were alleged to be passing around a picture of the deceased’s vagina.

Specifically. Blizzard culture specifically contributed to this woman’s death.

Where is that? Annoyingly the “PDF” is just a bunch of pictures so you can’t search the damn thing.

Paragraph 48

Ahh thank you. So it was the same person, and the supervisor did intend to sodomize her on vacay. It doesn’t say that was non-consensual, but it’s inappropriate to date your subordinates due to inequal power etc.

I mean, she killed herself, so like… can’t prove it so don’t put it in the complaint, but it doesn’t look good!

About 15 years ago at my job, we fired a guy because he was taking pictures of a female coworker’s ass as she walked down the hall. No discussion, no debate, no words with the manager. Just pack your shit and get the fuck out of here. I just can’t imagine a business having such a fratbro culture where shit like

is a thing people do. What the fuck.

Right? Thank you.

We had a case 5 or so years ago where an employee was arrested at Target for taking videos up girls’ skirts. When police searched his phone, they found videos taken at work too. He was never allowed back on company property – fired immediately and his personal effects mailed to him.

I find accusations like the ones here almost unbelievable, because I can’t imagine a business as big as Activision being willing to take the risk of getting sued into oblivion. (Note that I’m not really doubting it happened, just shocked HR and Legal didn’t nuke it from orbit.)

Many many years ago I was interviewing at a game company. I was talking to the head of the PR team, who was a guy, and a woman on the team came into the room to ask him a question.

He answers her question, she leaves, and he turns to me and says enthusiastically “See her? I hired that.”

Mind you, I literally just met the guy 20 minutes before.

I’ve seen some fucked up shit at work. The most memorable was when I worked at a movie theater in around 97 and the manager would loot the Jimmy Fund cans, the ones they’d pass around for donations, to buy meatball subs and lottery tickets at the shop next door.

When the boss is the one doing the crimes, there’s no accountability. This rot in Blizzard seems like it goes to the top. Kotick lost a sexual harassment case years ago, and his name was in Epstein’s book.

But he makes so much money for the shareholders!

Epstein had lots of names in his book, he was a starfucker, it doesn’t mean they’re all pedos and/or rapists.

LOL that reminds me of another story. This was a LONG time ago, like 1990ish and I was working at a video store. One day the manager beckons me into his office and draws my attention to the closed circuit feed from the couple of cameras that were in the ceiling. He pans it around and zooms in on a woman’s cleavage and says something like “check this out!”

Some dudes are super gross. I honestly don’t know why women put up with us.