How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?

Ahh, that makes sense, sure. Whenever I see “X wives” I assume it’s about their spouses being mistreated, which isn’t necessarily true.

Remember EA Spouse? She didn’t work for EA. She almost single-handedly changed EA after the mainstream media covered her.

I’m shocked. And I bet Kaplan is involved too. He was Furor’s BFF right? Tigole Bitties. Seems like a guy who respects and values women.

I’m sure these guys are crying themselves to sleep in shame under their money blanket.

Yes, that was about her spouse being mistreated.

There’s no need to speculate, if the other guy behaved poorly he would be named also. He picked that handle when he was a kid.

Sounds like a (small?) wave of folks are already unsubbing from WoW over this. Combined with the recent uptick in FFXIV interest, the apparent disdain for the recent WoW patch(es)… yikes. Camel’s back, straws, etc.

blizzard has not shame, this is horrible, I never imagined something like this so fucked up

He’s older than me. He was 28 when Everquest came out.

I mean, it was a name in an MMO, I’m not gonna hold it against him that much at the end of the day, but he joined Blizzard in 2002. Guys in their 30’s aren’t “kids” by any metric. That Blizzard said: “Yeah call yourself Tigole Bitties, it’s fine,” says more about them at the end of the day. It was his official moniker on their forums for as long as he was there. He left Blizzard this April.

Blizzard is just going to shift over more to China and deplorable-types for their fanbase.

So? I imagine he didn’t pick his online handle at age 28. And I’m pretty sure he was just Tigole on the forums and elsewhere. I don’t give a shit about the handle, behavior is what matters.

I tend to have high understanding for people who chose their internet handles ages ago.

Everything else, seems like the industry is a nightmare.

Agreed, I don’t care too much about handles for the most part and honestly it was a long time before I knew his full handle (I just saw ‘Tigole’ and didn’t make the connection).

One of my favorite bands is ‘Barenaked Ladies’. They’ve commented about the dumb teenager choice they made too.

Pretty sure it was his character name. I mean, maybe he was running around before that calling himself Tigole Bitties, but that seems more like a spur of the moment thing at character creation. People name toons weird crap.

And ultimately, this.

My point was more than Blizzard Corporate said “that’s fine”. That coupled with all this news adds up to not looking great for Blizzard’s Work Environment. I don’t think Kaplan has been cited as an issue (though no one is really being named, so time will tell). I think it’s more that a corporation would okay that moniker at all. His name is distinctive, he could’ve been Kaplan or the like.

Just to clarify, I’m pretty sure he stopped using the Tigole Bitties moniker after he started at Blizzard. It was his Everquest handle and he stopped playing that when he started working on WoW.

I’m sure this is depressingly, infuriatingly common in gaming (and any industry, sadly), but that doesn’t mean I can’t take my own tiny stand. Cancelled my WoW subscription.

Alex whatassisname, the guy from fires of heaven, he was specifically named. Until others are, it’s pretty uncool to speculate about them also being abusive without any evidence or even allegations.

Maybe I’m just remembering it wrong. It’s entirely possible, I’m old.

He definitely dropped the Bitties part, but I swore his forum name was Tigole. It’s possible that people just called him that and he had another name, but I remember random people who had no idea where it came from using it. Maybe it was just osmosis.

blizz response “It is this type of irresponsible behavior from unaccountable State bureaucrats that are driving many of the State’s best businesses out of California”

In any case, he’s not named in the complaint and I think it’s kinda gross to assume he might be an abuser because of the videogame nickname he used 20+ years ago.

They’re all in on the China strategy!