How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?

Created a hostile work environment. The suit is against Activision Blizzard, not Afrasiabi and JAB.

I was expecting the Jimquisition!
NSFW language abounds: Activision Blizzard And Industry Abuse: Burn It All Down (The Jimquisition) - YouTube

Specifically to the ‘have sex with fans’ (I still chuckle at the idea that this could be a thing for video game devs, but anyway) - is it considered nowadays immoral for rock stars to have consensual sex with groupies (who are of age)? Or is it different in this case because the guys wanting to score with fans are working for a corporation and doing it on said corporation’s dime?

I really do have a hard time keeping up, sometimes.

It’s scummy, sure. Amoral, I dunno.

And maybe Street is just a quiet guy who kept his head down and didn’t make waves at a party, who didn’t see anything untoward. Until there’s evidence or even allegations to the contrary, should his life be destroyed?

Ha ha, yeah stands to reason he’d be all over that.

Is the rock star a member of a group known for abusing female staff, getting women drunk so they can have sex with them, etc, etc?

If he is, people might have a different opinion than if he isn’t.

It seems really really unlikely that the leaders at a company which apparently is rife with discrimination and sexual harassment , including allegations of groping, quid pro quo offers, passed around nude photos of a coworker, etc, ever did anything remotely unethical in their Fuck Room at Blizzcon.

Drinking together builds teams. That’s fine. You just need to set boundaries and not allow even the bigwigs to breach them.

Ahh, okay. I don’t know if that’s true or not but at least it’s an explanation. Thanks.

I agree with this. Our company has a full bar downstairs in our lunch room and I’ve never seen any problems surrounding it. The company’s probably about 70% women though, which helps avoid any sort of frat boy environment!

Good lord, you have an open bar at lunch? That might be a step too far!

Yeah, most people can handle it. But there is almost always someone young and new to the industry who overdoes it and misses meetings the next day. Those people should be reprimanded and if it’s someone senior they should get fired.

I worked at a company where everyone from the CEO down took pride in how much they drank at events, how many hotels they got kicked out of, and how many meetings they missed because of it all. It was infuriating, and it made it almost impossible to have the pre-event talk with the team about not doing something stupid.

All your earlier defenses, but this is what goes too far? Amusing.

What are these jobs where people get fired left and right? That’s insane, it takes 18 months to train up someone new. You discipline people, put them on improvement plans, you don’t immediately fire for anything that isn’t major, or introducing liability.

He seems to be doing a good job of ruining his life all on his own. He left comments open on the tweet above and responded several times trying to defend/explain points brought up. Sometimes it’s better to just keep your mouth shut, which I suspect his current employer will point out.

Completely agree with you there! Make the statement then STFU.

I will never tell the stories publicly, but there were plenty of liability-raising incidents at this company.

The problem was the CEO was the pack leader for all the shenanigans so nobody ever even got told it was bad. The worst thing that happened was I stopped inviting them to events, and even then I came under immense pressure because many of them were very senior and prominent leads.

HA, no, no one drinks until after work. I usually only grab something when someone in our team is sticking around after work or we have a game night scheduled.

I used to work for a French company and it was quite normal for everyone to have a glass of wine or a beer with lunch. Mind you, this was not drinking to excess, we all went back to work after lunch. So I just kinda adjusted my work norm to sometimes just have a midday drink. Some places are like that.