How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?

When I worked at Sony they had no real rules against drinking, and there was a Brewery right next door that was the drinking party spot during and after work. Open bar at all parties was standard and after conventions “everyone” got drunk. Sometimes even during. Sony had a small cocktail bar in their E3 booth upstairs. So as you can predict, incidents did happen from time to time but it was stuff like someone not showing up to work or passing out on the hotel stairs. Stuff like that. I of course never had a problem but being drunk at work did happen, and the company paid for it.

So he’s noooooooooooooooooooooot oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaay?

Goddammit now I’m gonna be listening to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge all day.

I also believe you can drink, with co-workers, and not be a piece of shit. Alcohol is a truth serum in my experience. It makes you more you. Assholes who suppress it let it all out when they’re drunk. Ever been drinking with nice people? They become more nice, and it’s a joyful activity.

If y’alls experience with drinking is everyone turns into a demon, you need better friends.

That’s one way to look at it, but another would be “Good people who struggle with inner demons but through discipline and effort, have tamed them and function as good members of society”? Of course, such people should probably have the wisdom to steer clear of alcohol. :)

In court, yes. In conversation, no.

Cool, will you be at the book-burning or the lynching?

What’s your opinion on Bill Cosby?

Talented comedian, America’s Dad, doesn’t take no for an answer!

Huh. It’s not illegal in general to be a racist asshat, but I tend to avoid association with people who are. That idiot who’s advertised that proof of unvaccination is required to enter his restaurant? I won’t go there. I know this is an internet perennial, but exercising free speech to condemn assholes is neither book burning nor lynching. I don’t need a court order to tell me I’d rather avoid situations where guys stand around talking about all their colleagues they’d like to fuck, nor to understand that kind of talk isn’t particularly congenial to equitable treatment.

Also, too, it really is illegal to maintain a hostile work environment, including girlie pics, lewd jokes, and casual sexual banter. Hard to demonstrate, but most companies would rather not open themselves up to liability for that kind of thing. And, it’s not professional behavior.

boys will be boys

What a literally insane response

Reasonable for burden of proof to be lower in conversation than a court of law. That said, some of you guys are ready to burn down everybody in that Cosby picture just because they were present-- with no evidence or even specific allegations of misconduct in that suite. That’s pretty shitty, but that’s what happens on the internet.

The problem isn’t the picture in isolation. It is part of a pattern of behavior. Some of the people in that picture were already named in other allegations. It isn’t unreasonable to step and say hey - maybe we should look at this as part of that pattern.

I agree, we shouldn’t immediately turn to burn them down. However, lack of allegations in cases like this is exactly the problem - we see what’s happened to those who did come forward, which is why it requires action like this to step in and review. Armchair quarterbacking by a bunch of geeks in a gaming forum isn’t going to really decide anything.

Exactly. What if, as a thought exercise, we just BELIEVED THE WOMEN WHO SAY HOW IT WAS rather than engaging in house-to-house fighting Stalingrad style in order to reject what (at least to me) seems blatantly obvious about this situation.

Oh the people here are downright reasonable compared to reddit, or god save us, twitter. Some of them are ready to burn down not only their lives, but their houses.

The party is fine. Party suite is fine. Throwing a party to drink with women and hopefully bang them is fine. That’s all fine.

“Getting women drunk”, that specific intent, that isn’t fine. Key difference between “we’re all drinking at a party” and “getting women drunk to take advantage of them”. Posting about the party and fucking women publicly while attending a company event, that’s stupid and unprofessional, but is it amoral, much less illegal? Nah. And the Cosby connection, while it looks awful today, given the timing-- it’s fine.

There are tons of specific allegations against named people who hurt their fellow employees. That should be the focus, not throwing a party to bang groupies-- unless specific allegations surface that misconduct happened at that party, of course, which is certainly possible.


Case dismissed.

Antics like that are why people are riled-up to assume the worst, because crap-all is going to happen regardless.

This is all correct and I think the Kotaku expose is going to save Blizzard, when their intent was to actually bury them.

Quite a lot is happening, actually. An attorney in this thread guessed Activision could face a potential 9 figure penalty. The CEO may lose his job. This heavy liability could, hopefully, trigger a change in the industry to curtail these sorts of excesses.

And to the party specifically, given the sunlight being shined on the thing, I feel like anyone assaulted or harassed at the party would feel free to come forward now, if they want to do that. Maybe they will. If that happens, then it becomes a valid focus.

The Kotaku article and focus on the Cosby party won’t save them. The lawsuit proceeds regardless. It only impacts the court of public opinion, and could hurt a bunch of innocents. It’s shitty journalism, clickbait, because that picture on the bed with Cosby’s portrait looks so damning.

How? I would be very very surprised if that Cosby thing was the only actionable item in the suit. I’d expect mountains of evidence. No public agency would file suit against a multi-billion dollar company just based on that.

It entirely depends on whether there were women employees (or, actually male employees as well) who observed this behavior and felt it created a hostile, exclusionary environment. It absolutely could be used as part of evidence to establish a pattern which could then lead to a judgement against Blizzard.