How much Activision does it take to change a Blizzard?

That would make more sense!

A lawsuit against Activision Blizzard was dismissed last month because, according to a judge in the Southern California District Court where the complaint was brought, the plaintiffs didn’t play enough Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to make an informed case against the maligned publisher. For once in Activision Blizzard’s many contentious legal battles, things ended smoothly.

Appears this case was one of those IP troll adjacent lawsuits, where they hope the publisher will just settle with them to make it go away.

If you look into what “game” they are saying COD:IW infringed on, it is an obviously false claim. I did enjoy that the judge basically said, how can you bring this case if you didn’t play the game? and closed it.

I hate it when the money I pay to credit card thieves evaporates!

Jay Wilson, in his recent talk, also talked about how Blizzard changed under Activision.