How much are 908 days worth?

Mehdi Ghezali, the Swedish citizen who for 908 days were detained in Guantanamo, was released to the Swedish government today.
Pentagon report
From the Melbourne Herald-Sun

I am very pleased by this. However, he was imprisoned for 908 days, and wasn’t even tried. I sincerely hope that history will treat Guantanamo harshly. I also hope the US government in the short term will have to pay for the injustices they’ve brought upon these “illegal combatants”, but I’m not holding my breath.

You hope history treats Guantanamo harshly? I hope we (as in the US) treat Guantanamo harshly. I can’t believe that we’re actually considering re-electing the bastards responsible for that, rather than putting them before the Hague for crimes against humanity.

edit- I’m not sure if “crimes against humanity” is the right term. Re-reading my post, I suspect that crimes against humanity might refer to really, really bad things such as genocide and whatnot. Perhaps “breaking international law” is the phrase that I’m actually looking for.

He should somehow sue our pants off. Never charged, never tried, our own Supreme Court says they should get a day in court. I’d say a few million $ should be coming his way.

Oh come on, don’t you all feel safer knowing the evil doers (and potential evil doers) are locked away in Cuba? Best not to think about this stuff.

FWIW I’ve been against Gitmo since the whole thing started. I remember thinking, in High School when we were learning about the Japanese Internment Camps, that I was glad this country had moved away from stuff like that.

ME TOO! i didnt’ realize we still lived in that sort of country until Bush reminded me. sad days.

I wonder if the prisoners at Guantanamo used to harmonize in endless choruses of “Guantanamera” at night?