How much do you *really* like Forza 2?

Since you guys forced me into an upgrade of my racing platform, I thought I’d return the favor.

Have you considered…

eh? eh?? who’s with me?? (runs out of the room, screaming wildly, nobody following)

My wife would mercilessly slaughter me, but dammit if I don’t want to do that too.

He’s only got one TV? Pffft.

Y’know, I’m not even into racing games but that’s just such a nice, elegant looking setup I’ll be damned if I don’t feel some vague urge to own one anyway.

I am a consumer whore.

And how!

That is a nice setup. I wouldn’t play a racing game if you paid me to do it, but that is really impressive.

I wish I had a room for it, because I’d have done that years ago with the PC.

That’s the kind of thing that makes me want to get out of this crummy apartment and into a house with a nice big basement with room for stuff like that…

If I had a racing setup like that, I think I actually would like Forza.

Amen. That’s hardly hardcore, that’s just elegantly done enthusiasm.

If the goddamn G25 wheel I allready own would work with the 360, I’d buy a chair like that and the wife be dammed… but alas.

Well, that’s the Xbox 360 wireless wheel, which you can buy anywhere for around $129. And you can use it with the PC if you buy the wireless PC receiver for $20.

Now add the Playseats Evolution White, which you can buy from GoGamer (or Amazon) for $299.

See? Easy! All you need is $450.

Oooh, that stand and everything is part of the seat? Very nice. Takes some of the cool factor out of that guy’s particular setup that it’s just something he bought, not built himself, but on the other hand, that’s slick that I could buy it myself.

Forza 2 killed my xbox. :( I was liking it until then.

I’m curious. Are those seats any good? I use a 200$ leather office chair I got from Office Depot for both my computer and video game…it’s pretty great, especially since the armrests are just right for guitar hero.

Forza might be good, but consoles cannot yet touch PC racing.

I’ll get a Playseat when they bundle it with a divorce lawyer… I’m already cutting it quite close:

If money is no object (and it obviously isn’t) you can do three screens with Forza 2 as well.

Dude, the ONLY way to play Forza 2 is with 4 screens! (Rear view)

Oh and just for fun, a 5th that sits high above with realtime replay tracking during races.

Anything less, and you may as well just play freaking Gran Turismo.

You’ve got my monitor! Twice!

I love the LG screens.

The Forza setup over in the Turn 10 offices smokes that. Three huge LCD TVs, a fourth display on an actual LCD rear view mirror, and there’s a fifth TV on the opposite side of the screen where people can watch from the external view.

Of course, that takes five Xbox 360s… But that’s chump change after buying four 40±inch LCD TVs. :)

The way my setup works is that I sit behind an 8 foot projection screen, with a midrange business class LCD projector mounted on a (very) high shelf on the opposite wall of the room.

I also have front/center/right surround speakers mounted around the projector screen on that wall, and rear surrounds mounted on the wall directly behind me. It’s a smallish room, maybe 9 feet by 13 feet or so.

It’s a lot easier and cheaper than complex multiple-monitor configurations. And it’s pretty damn immersive! I highly recommend it.

Plus, it’s easy to make the room multi-purpose. Just pull up the screen, and push the racing rig (Playseats Evolution + mini-tower PC) into the corner.

I call it my “boom boom room”.