How much for that PS3 in the window?

So how much do you think PS3 will cost?

now that they’ve said the HDD is part of the package I guess 499, not less than 449.

  • your immortal soul.

I guessed $499. I don’t think they have any hope of selling them if the price is higher, and there is now so much stuff promised that I don’t see them being a lot cheaper (if they keep their promises). $449 is also possible, I think.

Unless the prices we’ve seen floating around for components are way off, I can’t imagine it selling for less than $499.

They are, but it’s still going to cost them a fortune to produce, and at $499 they’re still taking a bath on each one. Especially now that a HDD is included.

I think they can easily sell the first million with an obnoxious price. Even $599.

But they better find a way to settle on less than $450 as fast as possible, because after the first fanatics buy, they will need to cut it.

I’ll take my bet $450 anyhow.


You forgot to list “shit bonerz” as an option there.

Where’s the 399 option?

Sony won’t price it for more than the xbox. They’ll just take a heavier loss.

nice bellcurve so far :)

Anything over $499 and I think it will hit them hard in sales. Tyhere’s something about that $500 line which goes from “affordable” to “no freaking way”. Not that it will stop me of course…

I agree with Charles. There’s no way they will price it for over $400. It just won’t sell. It doesn’t matter how much the components cost, they’ll just have to take the loss, they really don’t have a choice. Otherwise they won’t sell any units.

Charles is right. $399.99 will be the price.

If they sell it for $400 then they would put themsleves in a massive hole fast. Sony is not MS and flush with billions laying around in banks. They made their bed with the uber cell processor, Blue-Ray, GPU and now a HDD. Selling for a loss can only be taken so far.

that’s never stopped anyone before.

People said all these same things about PSP and then it shipped for $249.99, far below estimates of cost of goods.

Actually it has. We’ve seen it first hand with the Xbox and now 360. MS paid allot of attention to ownership of technology and costs with their second try. Their make the most powerful system costs be dammed attitude with the first Xbox made it have no chance at ever being profitable.

  1. Crappy poll.

Which is why it’s so ironic that Sony has made exactly the same mistake with the PS3.

I mean, I agree, $399 is the price the PS3 will ship at to match Microsoft (plus $400 is a psychological barrier). But the PS3 will hemorrhage money at that price. And no matter how long they make the PS3, it will never be cheaper to make than the 360. So Sony will lose money relative to Microsoft over the whole lifespan of the next generation.

But Microsoft is sitting on tens of billions in cash. Sony… well… isn’t.

Kutaragi may have killed Sony with his techno-lust. We’re going to see some serious trouble for Sony over the next five years. Even if Blu-ray is a colossal success, that only means Sony will sell more money-sucking PS3’s.

Edit: Maybe Sony will sell it at >$400, but if so, Sony and MS will wind up at best tied in the next generation, which would be a colossal lose for Sony. At least they would survive, though.

But, as I understand it, Sony does a much better job of amortizing the costs over the life of the console. They’re bleeding money at the beginning of the lifecycle, but because they own all the hardware they’re raking it in by the end. And then, ultimately, they can stick the whole thing onto a chip for the next generation.