How much freespace is enough?

I have a 70 gig HD. At what point will it be too full, such that it bogs down my system? Does it depend on other factors or is it a percentage of the drive? Does this sort of thing even happen anymore with XP?

Based on what I’ve seen when authoring DVDs, which often knocked me down to very little free space, I’d want at least 7-8 gigs free. Any less than that and there was horribly obvious fragmentation on new files. Whenever I created an ISO that used up almost all the free space, it couldn’t even be burned at maximum speed because of all the head movement reading it.

I start freaking out if I ever get less than 20GB free on any drive. Once I get below 50GB I usually pick up a new drive.

I have three hard drives: an 80GB drive for Windows, games, and installed applications, and two 100GB drives for other files. The 100GB drives, I’ll go pretty low on them, sometimes as low as 2GB, but I try not to, and after I do I defrag. The drive with Windows and installed programs on I don’t go below 12GB, which is about 15%, which is the minimum amount of freespace you should have to defrag.

You can’t really have enough Freespace. There needs a be a Freespace 3.

Goddamn it, Raife, I was just about to make that joke. :)

I have two 160s and a 300, and its amazing how fast they fill up. Once I start to see about 35 gigs left, I start looking for another drive.

Freespace 3 would be enough Freespace.

[Edit] D’oh! Raife beat me to the punch. Guess it pays to reload the page before posting… I just started playing Freespace 2 last night, and so couldn’t resist.

I almost edited the topic because I knew someone would say this ;). I agree with you though.

Music, pictures and porn do it every time.

And hopefully you’ll have de(s)cent freespace cough