How much hard rice space...

How much free hard drive space do you need nowadays to keep things running well on an SSD? I’ll be running tight on space on these drives, so I don’t want to gimp performance. I know SSD’s, to run optimally, need space to move bits around but on a boot drive with windows - exactly how much space does one need to keep free?

Sorry for all the questions!

Back in the day they said keep a minimum of 25% free space for a SSD to run at peak performance. I am guessing this still holds true.

Whatever drive you end up buying, plan on using only about 75% of its capacity if you want a good balance between performance consistency and capacity.

Rice expands about 3-4 times while cooking, so the 25% mentioned is a good rule of thumb.

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@lordkosc thanks, and dang that sucks too. That a ton of wasted space I can’t afford. Can’t wait for large, fast SSD’s to drastically drop in price.

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But cooked rice gets soft(ish), so it is no longer hard rice, and he asked specifically about hard rice space.

Just making sure you’re giving good advice here.

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The math would suggest only USING 20%-25%.