How much have you spent at Amazon?


Interesting article on Ars Technica about how much you have spent at Amazon.

This link gets you to the Amazon Page. Or use the link in the article. It exports a spreadsheet of your purchases.

I could only get it to show from 2008 to present. It fails if I do a date before then. Also I opened my Amazon account in 2000, but it doesn’t go back that far, even if it did work.

So…since January 2008: $44,000.

Sears is selling Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker, closing 150 stores

Linky no worky.


Fixed it. Also link in the 3rd paragraph of the article will work.


The one in the Ars article does work however.

My total is only $5,300 since 2006, but then again, I did share accounts with my gf for about 3 years while she had the student Prime and I didn’t, but even then, our combined total is only. . . well, nevermind, cuz her report keeps failing, but either way, I’d be pretty surprised if it was more than $10k total, and likely less than that.

Considering that virtually all of our Xmas shopping has happened via Amazon, if nothing else, for the last decade, our total spend is surprisingly low. I mean, it also represents the overwhelming bulk of our non-rent/insurance/gas/grocery spending, too. . .


Try moving it to 2008, that worked for me for some reason.


Went back to 2006 for me. 31k, which is honestly lower than I was expecting, as I buy electronics and holiday gifts through Amazon a lot. That’s a cool report. Good on them for offering it.

Now if klwines offered a similar spreadsheet export, I suspect I would be truly terrified at the results.

edit: I checked. K&L does not appear to offer an export of historical order data. Whew.


That did it. Less her copious refund habit (she loves to buy clothes, hate them, and return them) and adding in the handful of items she bought in 2006-7, we actually barely cracked $11k total, which is higher than I expected, but still pretty low for two :)


Ok, please someone beat my $44k. Mine averages $367 a month and I haven’t even spend close to that in the last couple of years. I will have to do some digging through the data. I did buy a bunch of camera stuff and at least 2 expensive computers through Amazon, plus my year in Korea I relied on Amazon for everything and bought a ton of crap out of boredom.


$53,839.07 since January 2006.


Oops I totalled the wrong column on hers. My 10k guess was eerily spot on


I’ve got $35,874.98 since January of 2010. It won’t work for me running with any earlier start date, regardless of length.


Am I the only one that does not want to know this number?


Since September 09 I spent less than $500, not including ebooks. Why doesn’t it include ebooks?

Clearly overseas shipping costs and customs are a hindrance.


Since July 2006 , $22k and change. Seems I am in the middle of the pack here. :p


$2231 since January of 2010. We don’t buy that much. Most of it is ebooks, and cheap ones at that.

Other than groceries we don’t buy a lot other than the big ticket items – new car, etc. I believe we have made one TV purchase in the last 8 years.


Since 2011 we’ve spent a little under 30k which really isn’t as bad as I expected considering it’s where we do most of our purchases.

On the other hand, that is with living in an amazon less country for the majority of 4 years.


HA HA I win. And by that, I mean I lose? $58,212.36.

That’s only since 2006. I’ve been shopping with Amazon since 1998 when they only sold books.


I can pull up orders on Amazon from 1998 but yeah, can’t generate a report with anything older than 2006. Actually I can’t even do that, it just says failed, I imagine they are getting overwhelmed with requests.

Which is embarrassing since they sell the planets largest set of solutions for that very problem.


Since I’m not in the US and want to check out my local amazon site, the link doesn’t work. Has anyone managed to get a report from a non-US site? Tried swapping out the domain in the address, but that just returns an error. Perhaps the intl sites don’t have that functionality?


Almost $15k since I moved to America in 2012. Works out about $50 per week on average.