How much have you spent at Amazon?


See above. Something is causing issues for some people. Try a different starting year. 2008 worked for me. If I try 2006, it fails.


Not as bad as I thought, but still …

$33,724 since 2006. However that includes purchases with a business card for things for work, so it should be quite a bit less than that.

I guess the bad part here is that the average monthly spend is certainly more than it used to be.


After reading all these numbers I’m surprised. I’m at $13.5k since 2010 (pre 2010 seems to cause failures).

However, I do not think this takes into account returns (though I doubt returns makes that much of a difference) and it does not take into account family accounts (so my wife’s purchases are not on my spreadsheet).


Pre-2010 didn’t work for me either. That’s a shame, because 2010 is the year I got married, so I severely curtailed my purchases in entertainment since then.

$7.5k since 2010.

I’m guessing my totals from 2000-2010 would be much higher than my totals for 2010-2018. I used to buy a LOT more books and games and music from Amazon before I got married.


You guys scare me when you say things like that. Did you just not want her to notice or was that … gulp … a mandate?


Heh. A combination of things. At first she thought games were something for children, and functioning adults didn’t do that sort of thing. Same with sports. It speaks to two different backgrounds. In my background, I grew up as the son of a navy officer, who believed in work and then leaving work behind and spending leisure time with family, where you do things like watch Lendl vs McEnroe in the French Open final together with your sons.

She grew up in a business family, where leisure time is the enemy. Only fools who don’t want to advance in life indulge in leisure time. You work and work, and you learn to get more work from employees, and you try to avoid them wasting company time by watching or discussing sports, etc.

I didn’t dispute any of that, but just showed her over time that despite sneaking short bouts of gaming here and there, I was still a functioning adult who could provide for us, and work my tail off at the same time. So her attitude relaxed over time.

But at the same time, I’ve had less and less time for leisure activity, what with working my tail off and all. There were times when I was working over 80 hours a week.

But hey, I’m working less now, but I’ve got a kid, and he takes up a lot of that spare time now. But I still manage to eek out more leisure time than I used to.


Cool response, Rock8. It’s interesting to hear the background of married couples. I know I rarely paid attention to that prior to being engaged. I certainly do now.

I feel like I’m engaged to my twin sometimes, we are on the same wavelength for a lot of things. We do have different strengths and weaknesses though. (Why does it feel like I’m explaining my party in Baldur’s Gate?)

She isn’t a gamer beyond very minor mobile games. I’m trying to introduce her, but I certainly don’t explain my entire gaming background to her. As far as spending goes, however, I’m good. I save more than her, budget better than her, and control myself just a little better on purchases. But I’m helping her with things along that line and I think we mesh well. I’d be scared as heck if she were too far different than me in financial dealings.


I’m at $37K, which is about half what I would have guessed. Maybe I’m not as addicted to online shopping as I thought… or maybe I’m just as terrible as I suspected but most of you guys are worse?


$4,400 since 2006. Lower than I expected it would be but then I remembered I have also ordered a ton of movies, CDs and games from Best Buy over the years.

But $44,000? Jeeeeeezus LeeAbe!


$53k since 2009.


We did this same thing about 5 or 6 years ago on this forum. It’s in the archive somewhere. But I think people were able to pull earlier years back then.


Didn’t get my total, but went back and looked at my first orders from Amazon. First order was 5 books in 1998. I still haven’t read them all. #backlog.


You should have bought scifi or something fun instead of weighty books.


$54,452.32 since January 1, 2006. Considering Amazon didn’t start charging tax until a couple years ago, I’m happy to have saved a fair amount of money!

Like Vesper, though, I’ve been an Amazon customer for much longer than this.


Hah! That’s should be a new separate post. That was the first thing I thought: how many of these book, movies, games have I read, watched, played?


My wife and I have spent $72k since 2010 (as others mentioned ours fails with earlier dates).

Its a number I’ll mention repeatedly next time I complain to Amazon customer service.


But we all reported that on tax forms anyway. Right? Right, guys? Hello?



14k since 2008. Not too bad


$8500 since 2008, but that overlaps with some of my penniless college years.


Amazon’s been collecting tax in New York for at least 10 years.

In addition, NYS taxes have a “use tax” where if you buy any internet purchases at all you’re supposed to pay a flat $100. I was advised to just pay it to avoid audits. It’s doubly annoying because I buy 99% online stuff through Amazon anyway.